I am sharing 11 Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness tips to improve your life.  I was exhausted from five medical appointments in seven days.  Plus I’m still recovering from a medical procedure that proved to be more difficult and I have tons of guilt associated with spending March Break in medicals and not as much time with my kids.  I needed to pick myself back up so I decided to share the ways I get back to feeling better when I’m down.

Below are 11 of my top Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Tidbits. This week I fell off track writing my Top 3 Daily Priorities in my agenda and medical negativity got the best of me.  If you are not practicing this, start now.  Having things to accomplish and look forward to puts things in perspective.  Below is another recipe too.  Please take action and implement something below.  Check out my weekly Trina’s Tidbits.


This medical scare is wearing me down

I promised to share my very scary medical journey so here it is.   It’s been the roughest week with this #medicalscare. Today I am grateful for my kids, eye sight and my hair. That might sound crazy, but it’s all I’m focusing on. Small steps.  6 people lifted me back up today.  I forced myself with two accountability friends to have a workout, get out of bed and work on mindset.

This journey sucks and I don’t know why I was given this to deal with but it’s mine to travel.

Today I got my hair done and for the moment it has sparked a smile and strength.

Whatever stress you are dealing with you have to:

  • Stare it down
  • Feel it
  • Then heal it

Otherwise it will take you hostage and you and I are not a hostage.

Thanks for your love, comments, reading and sharing if it inspires you.

YOU’VE got this, I know you do xoxoxoxo

My 11 Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Tips can help you below.

motivation11 Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Tips

Moving your body, nutrition and training your brain to think better should be in your Top 3 Daily Priorities.  This 18 month medical journey and life transformation has changed me forever.  It’s not about the physical before and after.  I’m working on sharing my mindset, fitness and emotional transformation with you.  In the meantime, here are things that can help you right now.  Pick one from the lists below or one from each category and take action:

Fitness Tidbits

Nutrition Tidbits

Mental Sanity & Wellness Tidbits

Mom Reminders:

food-is-fuel-food-iconPesto Egg Salad

Another creation from Ashley at Real Roots.  Pesto Egg Salad is a clean and healthy alternative to the traditional egg salad and mayonnaise. Click here for the recipe. If you are sensitive to eggs, try this Veggie Club Sandwich instead.


Please tell me all your thoughts and give me some loving in the comments below!  I’m reading xo 


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