Get started and quit your excuse with my 3 tips.   First, stop living on auto pilot and making excuses with your never ending to do lists, work, personal stuff, family, cooking, laundry, cleaning, groceries and ending the day with emotional and physical pain.  Second, this chaos and overwhelm is the reason you aren’t working out, eating well and why you are feeling awful about your life.  Finally, let’s get started.

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Get Started and Quit your Excuses with these 3 tips

I was full of excuses when I made a tough decision to step aside from my business that I’ve been running non stop for 11 years.   That meant 7 weeks off with my family doing only the bare minimum.  I forced myself to quit my excuses and now I’m full of clarity. Probably won’t be that drastic of a decision for you but you get the idea.  Life is filled with:

  • Work, family and personal stuff
  • Lunches, meal prep, grocery shopping and too many decisions
  • Emotions from all of your relationShips
  • Putting yourself last
  • Home responsibilities and too much cleaning
  • Working and exhausted parents
  • School routines, notes, emails, emotions and kids
  • Remind your brain what is important to you


This creates a story like:

  • My life is too busy, I don’t have time to workout or eat healthy”
  • My clothes are too tight
  • I want to get fit but I don’t try hard to do it
  • I don’t feel motivated, I’m tired and I have no energy
  • My list never ends
  • I’m overwhelmed, going to fail anyway
  • I’m not doing enough, I should be doing more, I’ll start Monday

3 Tips to D.I.P. | Decide, Identify & Plan

Stop telling yourself this story day after day and write your new story. September is a trigger for me which I have identified from years of coaching, therapy and deep diving into my own habits and behaviours. Here are three things that actually work:

#1 Decide your Top 3 

  • Firstly write down 3 key priorities in your life and post them everywhere you look *these are the current most important to you examples:  fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, relationships, family, work.
  • Put physical and mental fitness is at the top of your list *How many days a week will you walk, climb stairs or sign up for a Fitness class
  • Drink more water
  • Start now with small steps
  • Change your story:  “I’m too busy to workout”.  That sentence means it’s not a priority to you.
  • Decide to let go of your time suckers *these are things you waste time on

Watch this: 3 Tips to Identify Time Suckers

 #2 Identify Habits and Triggers 

  • Identify what makes you tick
  • Get control of excuses and old habits – what are you procrastinating?
  • Once you identify triggers and old habits, break up with them
  • Practice reminding yourself that these are old behaviours and habits.  Create new ones.

Watch this:  How to Change Habits and Triggers

#3 Plan and Purge: 

  • Purge time suckers and replace with Top 3 Priorities
  • Plan 3 small things daily and spend only 10 minutes doing them *these should relate to the top 3 key priorities in your life for example:  if health is my key priority, 3 small things daily could be 10 minutes of movement, 10 minutes organizing my night and morning routine and drinking 1000ml of water
  • Accomplishing 3 easy things daily makes you feel motivated and good about yourself
  • Tell someone else and grab accountability partner.  Fitness classes help tremendously because of the group accountability and routines
  • Stop wasting time Read 3 Ways to Immediately Find more time here 

Watch this:   How to Manage Time, Routines and Rituals here 

Break it down and D.I.P It (Decide, Identify and Plan. Survival mode is not a way of life. ​​​​​​​ Sign up for our Stroller Fitness or Women’s Only Boot Camp Programs, schedule your workouts, routines and health priorities.  Start small by trying my 10 Day Lean and Clean Program
Trina xo  

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