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Protein Powder

I have tested almost every protein powder on the market in the last 23 years.

This is the Protein Powder I take and recommend.  Try this clean protein powder.

It is gluten free, dairy free, NSF certified (which is the highest food certification).protein-powder-complete-juice-plus

Nutrition Super Foods at a Glance

Products I love at a Glance and kids free

  1. Try this clean protein powder.

  2. These are the 4 fruit and veggie capsules I take daily (it’s just food).

  3. Get kids chewables or capsules free until age 25 here *with an adults purchase of capsules.

  4. Take this instead of fish oil.

    Reply back with any questions, I’d be happy to help because I am the most skeptical customer ever

Tower Garden

Grow your own Food at Home

I suggest the home version if you live in Canada, add lights and an extra tonic.


Message me once you order so I can add you to the community of seminars and free health programs.. You will be a part of my Team.

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We do not eat enough fruits and vegetables daily so I invest in these whole food fruit and veggie capsules with NO additives and guaranteed clean.

Strictly fruits and veggies, sugar and water removed. Powdered concentrated super food.

It’s like having 30+ fruits, veggies and berries at once.  

This is what I take daily, pick what works with your health budget and goals.



Fitness Products

Fit4Females Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles available in blue, green and pink.  This beautiful water bottle will not only keep you hydrated but it will make you look and feel sexy with it’s sleek look.  Take this water bottle with you everywhere you go.  The water bottles are made with 18/8 recycled steel.  The double lined wall keeps your beverage at the temperature you need it to be either hot or cold and at 800 ml, it will keep you hydrated throughout your day and workout. With it’s grippy mat finish, it will be sure to stay put in your hand during a sweaty class.

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