I have heard it many times: “How do you do it all?  You are supermom Trina”.  The truth is I am just like you and I feel like there is too much pressure around the “Are you a Supermom” issue.  Day after day, I am a busy mother and a business owner who is trying to “keep it together and stay afloat”.  The pressure of being  a supermom is not something I strive for but I definitely bring a lot of it on myself.  Are you a Supermom?  Are you trying to be a Super Mom?

Are you a Supermom?

Like too many moms, I too struggle with day-to-day activities, baths, lunches, homework, cleaning “Tupperware” containers from the lunches, being a taxi driver to after school activities, laundry, reading agendas, meal planning, keeping all of the appointments, and school activities organized. Phew, that was a mouthful!

Supermom Overwhelm

There is a lot to do when you are a Mom.  Too many to dos can make you feel like I am spinning around in a hamster wheel and somebody hit the “repeat” button.  How did my Mom ever do it all?  When I find myself stressed because I forgot it was “green and white day at school”, I mixed up the activities schedule, or I didn’t get a chance to get through my to-do list, I remind myself that “it’s ok”.  My kids are happy most of the time and I am a good Mom and just loving them makes me a Supermom.

Here are ten tips to make you feel like your own Supermom!

My Top 10 Daily “Supermom Tips”

  1. Schedule everything on a calendar (homework time, meals, activities, workouts)
  2. Set reminders in your iPhone, Blackberry – everywhere!
  3. Plan your meals every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  4. Prep & pack your lunch and snacks for busy days *do this whether you are a stay at home or working Mom
  5. Do not over schedule kid activities, we all need to breathe!
  6. Share your tips with other moms8-weeks-to-a-better-you
  7. Do 5 – 10 minutes of physical activity every day for YOUrself
  8. Close your eyes and feel the fresh air on your face, take a walk to calm your stress
  9. Drink lots of water (and sometimes wine and coffee)!
  10. Meditate and LET IT GO!

What are your best tips?  Are you a Supermom?  I would love to hear your ideas and comments.  From one struggling Mom to the next, you rock!

Need a SuperMom kickstart?

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