5 Love Languages, bad habits and emotional baggage is our Trina’s Tidbits this week.  Sharing my message has never been more important so I finally shared some of my medical struggle.  The response is incredible and one of my 5 Love Languages is “Acts of Service”.  Helping transform your mind, body and entire self is my passion in life.

If you have suffered a divorce, loneliness, grief, loss of a friendship or job or any emotions like anger, shame, guilt, sadness and anything other than happiness try the tips below.  Here are proven strategies to let go of the stress that is keeping the weight on and holding you back.

lose-weight-mindsetBad Habits & Emotional Baggage Be Gone

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You need to redesign your thinking and get rid of emotional baggage.  If you could give any service or do anything absolutely free that brought you joy and happiness what would it be?  Write them down.  Start with two minutes doing things that give you pure joy.

My Pure Passion and Joy:  

Coaching YOU to think and eat better, move your body and make yourself a priority.  I would do it all day for free if I could.  Here is how you can get rid of your emotional baggage from struggles you have ever suffered in any part of your life.

Tip #1 Recognize & Clear the Emotional Clutter

Whatever your emotional baggage and bad habits, you need to identify and create better habits.  Click here for a detailed video on “How to Change Bad Habits“.  Tackle the “what’s” of your go to habit.  Write down what triggers you to do the addictive behaviour.  Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers:

  • What is making you do that “habit” and creating addictive behaviour?
  • List the triggers that makes you do that habit
  • List the feeling that you get when you do the habit
  • What are the emotions attached to it?
Example:  If you drink too much alcohol, replace it with a non alcoholic drink.  It’s as much about the act of holding and drinking the glass than it is about the habit itself.  Baby steps. FYI:  I love the book the 5 Love Languages if you want to learn more about yourself.

Tip #2: Replace & Surrender to your Wins and Challenges

Surrender to the clutter story in your brain.  Whatever your excuses, you need to recognize and replace them.  You do this by making a list every day of your wins and challenges to train your brain for positive thinking.  Change negative default that’s wired in your brain by doing this:

Wins:  What was amazing today?
Challenges:  What did you do that was a challenge?
Tomorrow:  What can you do tomorrow to avoid triggers that caused emotional triggers today?
It takes A LOT of practice, self talk, faith in yourself and an attitude that you can conquer anything.  Stand up in your power pose.  The pose that makes you feel like you are unstoppable.

Tip #3: Power Pose

When all else fails, stand or sit in your power pose.  Feet rooted into the ground.  Power pose ?? I shared this on Facebook this week…
“Heading into my medical test MRI today like “I’ve got this!” I’m scared as hell but it helps us face it.   When life breaks you down, find a power pose that says you mean business . It’s the pose you feel happy, strong, rooted and like you are ready to kick some booty! #Fit4Females

The Five Love Languages

If you haven’t read the book the 5 Love Languages, read it.  You will learn better relationships with yourself and with everyone around you.  It’s amazing how the 5 love languages makes a difference in how we  give and receive.  Take this 5 Love Languages free quiz too.

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PS: If you haven’t read this book, read it – The Five Love Languages.

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