Meet Our Team

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Trina Medves, CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

Trina was awarded the #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist in Canada for 2016 and Top 3 Fitness Instructor for canfitpro for 2015.  Hamilton’s #1 Fitness Trainer for the 2015 Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Awards and #1 in Hamilton for Women’s Only Fitness Club for 2016.  As a Speaker, Author and Life and Wellness Coach, Trina’s life mission is to provide solutions to Women around the world.

14 time Platinum, Diamond and Gold Award winner in the Hamilton Spectator’s Readers’ Choice Awards: 2 Platinum Awards for 2016 Best Women’s Only Fitness Club and Pilates, Three Awards for 2015 “Platinum Best Boot Camp, Best Pilates and Best Fitness Trainer, Two 2015 Awards for “Best Women’s Only Fitness Club and Best Weight Control Services, read more. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

My Story

“Hey gorgeous, I’m Trina, thanks for stopping by!  Here is a little peek inside my life. I am the Mom to 3 beautiful children, the Owner and Founder of Fit4Females, a Wife and Sister.  I have always been active but my fitness and health journey took a turn when my Mom suddenly passed at the age of 38. I hit rock bottom and chose health and fitness to process my deep grief. My Mom was an incredible role model but never put herself first.  I have made it my mission to teach women to make themselves a priority so that they can live a happier life.   I was able to get in the best health and shape of my life post pregnancy and have implemented strategies to make myself a priority without feeling guilty and I can teach you how to do the same!

My gift is transforming women’s lives. I am known to be relentless in helping women achieve their best self. I am lucky to be blessed with the ability to do what I love most, inspire!  All of my credentials and the more serious stuff is below.

I would love to connect with you!

I would really love to connect with you on Facebook because that’s where I tend to share a lot.  Confession:  I’m loving Instagram and that’s where I share a peek inside my life and I’m on Twitter too but I’m not so tweet savy.

Professional Bio

As Owner and Founder of Fit4Females, Life and Wellness Coach, Trina has built her dream business from the ground up and decided to take make her passion a full time job after having children. She has been coaching and educating women for 18+ years to get active, stronger mentally and physically, to make themselves a priority and be their best self. She is described as a “Master Motivator and Inspirational”. Women are embracing her approach and filling her sold out multiple award winning classes, committing themselves to her mantra that “Strong is the New Skinny.”

A graduate of Niagara College’s Law Clerk program, and a mother of three young children, she understands the challenges faced by many of her clients who struggle to balance their roles as mothers, professionals, and spouses. “After having children myself, I decided to retire from my successful career as a Law Clerk and pursue my passion for fitness full time. My gift is to motivate, inspire and help each Woman realize the importance of making themselves a priority.”

Trina has received the following certifications:

  • Certified Life and Wellness Coach, CCF
  • Graduate of the Speech Mastery Course for the Professional Speakers Federation
  • FIS – Canfitpro certified Group Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • PTS – Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • NWS – Canfitpro certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • Bellies™ Inc. Certified Post Natal Trainer
  • CF-L1 Trainer – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Boot Camp Instructor Start Fitness Level 1
  • CoreFX Conditioning Specialist Level 1 Trainer
  • FKCI Fitness Kickboxing Specialist Level 1
  • YogaFit Instructor, Level 1 & 2
  • Bellies™ Inc. Certified Post Natal Trainer
  • Tabata Bootcamp™ Certified Trainer
  • Red Cross CPR/AED Level C certified

AWARDS:  2016 #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist in Canada with canfitpro, Top 3 FINALIST canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist – read more here. 14 Time award winner in the Hamilton Spectator’s Readers Choice Awards including:  2016 Platinum #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club and Pilates, 2015 “Platinum Best Boot Camp, Best Pilates and Best Fitness Trainer, Diamond Awards for “Best Women’s Only Fitness Club and Best Weight Control Services, “Best Pilates (2014), Top 10 Boot Camp (2014), “Best Personal Trainer” (2013 and 2009); “Best Boot Camp”(2013, 2012, and 2011); and “Best Women’s Only Fitness Club” (2012). Trina has also been featured several times on CHCH News Morning Life, Take It Outside Segments. She’s been a guest contributor published in the Bay Observer, the Stoney Creek News, and in The Oakville Voice.

“You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to make the decision that you are worth is and that you deserve it. It took me a long time to figure that out but I am in a stage in my life of total acceptance. I am perfectly imperfect! I am lucky to be blessed with the ability to do what I love most, inspire!”

Amber Hoar, Team Leader

Amber’s strong work ethic and personal drive has enabled her to combine her two passions in life – Fitness and Hairstyling. As a professional hairstylist for 11 years and now a salon owner at Amber Lynne Hair Studio, she still continues to upgrade and educate herself in Fitness and Wellness. She is a member of the Certified Personal Trainers Network (CPTN) and Canfit Pro. With both professions she is able to share her passion, energy and knowledge to help clients feel amazing both inside and out. With many more goals, ideas and achievements ahead, she is thrilled to be a part of the Fit4Females team, a company that she believes practices total body wellness.

 Amber is a goal maker and a dream chaser she has recently completed a long time goal of competing in a fitness modelling competition and is well on her way to her next competition.  12 years of experience in dance including competition, assistant coaching and teaching. Amber knows all about hard work, commitment and motivation and  brings so much passion, inspiration, motivation and a personality that she keeps setting the Fit4Females’ bar higher.  “Our clients expect the best from me so I want to be the best for them.”

Her goal at every class is to make it fun, challenging for each fitness level and different from the last.  “I want every woman to come to class, leave behind their stress and take that time for herself, sweat it out and smile!  Her greatest rewards are seeing the real-life impact and achievements of their F4F clients!

“I look forward to sharing my passion & love for fitness, health and wellness with you and inspiring you to strive for your goals (they can never be to big)!

Amber has received the following Certificates:

  • Red Cross CPR/AED Level C
  • Personal Trainer Specialist, CPTN
  • PTS- Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Boot camp Instructor, START fitness Level 1
  • FKCI fitness kickboxing specialist, Level 1
  • Currently working on NWL (nutrition and weight loss specialist) Canfitpro

Ashley Beaulne, Team Leader

Ashley Beaulne

Ashley is a mom to a beautiful little girl. She grew up in a very athletic family with fitness being a big part of her life. Ashley played a wide variety of sports both recreationally and rep level. Her dad is her fitness role model; he has been working out since he was young, and still does to this day. She hopes to emulate this amazing example for her daughter too.

Ashley joined Fit4Females in the summer of 2014 when her daughter was just 9 weeks old. “Joining F4F was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It helped me as a new mommy to realize the value of taking care of myself, and making time for my workouts.” With Trina’s guidance, she found her love for fitness and was inspired to combine her two worlds: teaching and fitness. She became a CPR certified Fitness Instructor Specialist.

She works full time as a kindergarten teacher, and spends most of her extracurricular time coaching senior teams at her school. Ashley loves being a part of the fitness world, and all of the new learning opportunities that are ahead of her! She too is just beginning her fitness and wellness journey and is so inspired by all of the F4F ladies and their amazing accomplishments and looks forward to honing her fitness teaching craft and learning alongside all the fabulous F4F members.

Natalie Cowan-Allan, Team Leader

NatalieNatalie’s passion for fitness and physical activity began as a child when she trained vigorously as a competitive gymnast for 12 years. Gymnastics taught her a lot about hard work, discipline and determination, life skills she brings into everything she does. As a single mother of 2 young and active children, she knows what it’s like to be on the run all the time. Natalie works full time as an elementary school fitness teacher and manages to successfully balance work, life and kids. She feels fortunate to be able to go to work every day and share her enthusiasm for fitness and wellness with today’s youth.

Natalie has a degree in Kinesiology, is a CPR Certified Fitness Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer with 20 years experience in the field. Although her life is busy, Natalie always finds the time to be physically active.

Erika Matkovich, Member Relations Coordinator & Team Leader

Shannon and Trina

“My Fit4Females journey began in 2013 when I was in the midst of an identity crisis. I was giving my all to my sweet baby girl and I lost myself in the process. I was at my heaviest and loneliest period of my life. Fit4Females has been my safe haven ever since and it is an honour and pleasure to be able to work behind the scenes. I love all that F4F has to offer: from the new friends I have made; to the healthier lifestyle I now live; to the sense of purpose I now have. Fit4Females helps us take back our confidence, self-love, and sanity by raising each other up and sharing their own struggles and experiences.”

Erika’s previous customer service experience is as an asset to Fit4Females as our Members are like family. You will find Erika working out along side and encouraging you in many of our classes, from Stroller to Cardio Boot Camp. Erika’s new found passion is making herself a priority so she can be a positive role model and inspiration to her family. She is the mother of two little ones 19 months apart (both under the age of 3) making her quite familiar with the crazy whirlwind new moms go through in their first years of parenthood. Her best asset is her welcoming smile and non-judgmental attitude, which makes her an incredible addition to the team.

Her mission at F4F is to help all Team Members, especially new moms, feel like they are not alone but welcomed in our community of strong and beautiful women. “We all have our struggles but choosing to get out of the house and come to Fit4Females to be physically active is the greatest gift we can give to our children. By taking care of ourselves first, we can give more to our family”.

Erika’s five-year life plan is to become a Birthing Doula with a focus on post-natal care and well being. Not enough women are aware of what their bodies go through after giving life. Through Fit4Females and other learning avenues, she wants to educate women and help make Pelvic Floor and other post-natal issues more main stream.

Erin Wachniuk, Assistant Team Leader & Pedorthist

Erin Wachniuk joined Fit4Females when her son was 5 weeks old.  After a surprise C-section, and an almost 10 pound baby, she was left with a 3+ finger diastasis recti, and had a lot of healing to do before she got back to her favourite high intensity workouts.

Growing up, Erin was a competitive figure skater and spent countless hours at the arena.  After university when that career ended, she struggled with her identity and passion for fitness and went from one activity to the next.  After the birth of her son, she decided to use her maternity leave to re-focus her energy on her health and she found her passion at Fit4Females.  She preaches the importance of safe exercise and form for post-partum women and listening to your body.

Her role at F4F is to help keep you safe and get the most benefit from your workout through demonstration, offering modifications and being extra set of eyes and ears for our Team Leaders and Members. 

She is our resident foot specialist with an honours degree in Kinesiology and certification as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist through the College of Pedorthics of Canada.  She manages BioPed Footcare at the Hamilton Central location and is passionate about educating and helping her patients alleviate their pain, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.