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Train with Canada’s 2016 #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist,  Trina Medves and see 4 yourself why we are the #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club in Hamilton awarded Best Boot Camp and Weight Control Services, read more here.

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Women’s Only Fitness and Boot Camp Programs

#1 in the City of Hamilton and winning awards since 2009 No two classes are the same.  We meet you where you are so you work at your own level. Embrace the Women’s only Fitness Award winning community and burn lots of calories. Our Programs include circuits, high intensity interval training – HIIT, Tabata, strengthening, core conditioning, diastasis / pelvic floor rehab, cardio drills and challenges to push yourself to your best. Virtual Classes: use what you have at home, dumbbells if you have them, mini bands or resistance bands, bench or chairs, steps at your home.

Cardio Boot Camp Online Only


What is it? Voted #1 Best Boot Camp in Hamilton. Circuits, cardio drills, body weight training, core conditioning and a total body conditioning class. This class includes Tabata, HIIT conditioning, fat burning, body weight challenges, every minute on the minute challenges, as many rounds as possible challenges and more.   Make it as hard or as easy as you want.

Who is it for? All fitness levels welcome as progression will be demonstrated

What to bring? Water bottle. Click here for what suggested equipment.

HIIT Camp Online

What is it? VOTED #1 Platinum Best Boot Camp in Hamilton A challenging and motivating High Intensity Interval Training class with cardio and strength training, core, bodyweight challenges and more. Different levels will be shown from beginner to advanced.

Who is it for? All women and Moms welcome.

What you need? A mini band, mat and water.

Boot Camp Express Online *30 min


What is it? VOTED #1 Platinum Best Boot Camp in Hamilton30 min action packed class that targets your entire body with a high focus on cardio and core body weight training.  Our Members love this quick and effective workout. Burn calories and strengthen your entire body. Online only.

Who is it for? All women and Moms welcome.

What you need? Mostly body weight with the option resistance or mini bands and sometimes light dumbbells Click here for what suggested equipment.

Booties Bands Mobility *30 min


What is it? Low intensity muscle strengthening class includes over all body strength.  Let’s strengthen, lengthen and finish with relaxation.

Who is it for? Everyone

What to bring? Mat, mini band / resistance band, mat and water

Tabata Express Online


What is it? VOTED #1 Platinum Best Boot Camp in Hamilton.  Tabata is 20 seconds of intense work, 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.  Warm up, 4 Tabata’s and cool down including body weight with option to add mini band or light dumbbells.  F4F was featured on CHCH News for our incredible Tabata workouts here.

Who is it for? All fitness levels not for the pregnant client.

What to bring? Water bottle

Online Programs

28 Day Online Shape Up Challenge

What is it? A 28 Day Online Transformation challenge complete with a 4 week Meal Plan, Workouts and more. 28 Days does not include additional coaching meetings with Trina but does include a support group on Facebook.  Get on the list for the next group challenge.  Bring Trina Medves, Canada’s 2016 and 2015 Top 3 Fitness Instructor Specialist and #1 Fitness Instructor in Hamilton Online to your home.

Who is it for? Anyone who needs a great kickstart!

Online 8 Week Train With Trina


What is it? Always sold out!  Trina’s signature transformation program.  Trina Medves was awarded Canada’s 2016 #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist  This 8 week Online Train with Trina program is for the Busy Woman and includes more than 5 hours of Group Coaching with Trina.  Next group starts January 11, 2017 – MORE DETAILS!  Bring Trina Medves Online to your home. Finally a solution 4 all of you women out there who can’t get to us and want the best. Trina is a 13 time Award Winner,  an Expert in the Industry and has made many Media Appearances.  

Who is it for? Anyone ready for a change!

2019 Award Winner for “Best Weight Control Services”

Christine Before and After

Carla Success Story

Stroller Fitness – Mom & Me

Award Winning Stroller VOTED #1 Platinum Best Boot Camp in Hamilton.  Enjoy a workout with your little one(s) by your side no need for additional child-care!  Come connect with other Moms!  Bring a mat, mini band and indoor shoes.  Classes end with stretching and circle time (parachute and songs).

Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Studies show that pregnancy can cause pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals).  It is suggested that all New Members book a 30 minute F4F Post Natal Assessment prior to attending their first class *Exclusions if you have seen a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.  Click here for more details.  

Please do NOT bring food to class other than formula for babies.

Mom and Baby / Stroller Fitness (Indoor/Outdoor)

What is it? Voted #1 Platinum in Hamilton. Stroller Fitness is a mix of cardio, strength and core conditioning using mini and resistance bands, body weight, your little one and mat work.  Indoor October to April / Outdoor May to September, weather permitting.

Who is it for?  Moms 6 wks+ post-partum (babies and kids of all ages are welcome). Click here for PNA details.

What to bring? Mat, mini band water and any other items to keep your little one comfortable. Don’t forget sunblock, hat and sunglasses for the outdoor sessions (May to Sept).

Safety Policy Please read our Stroller Snack and Safety Policies.

F4F Private Post Natal Assessment


What is it? Studies show that pregnancy can cause pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals). Most Moms don’t even know they have it. For your safety, it is strongly recommended that all participants purchase a 30 minute F4F Post Natal Assessment prior to attending their first class *exclusions if you have been assessed by a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.  Our Head Trainer, Trina Medves, specializes in helping clients assess and rehabilitate any issues that may arise from pregnancy. Many of our clients are able to work safely in all of our Programs with our suggestions and guidelines.  Let us get you into our Programs safely.  Book your Assessment today.  It’s the best money you will spend, after all we want to keep our lady parts in tact right?  It’s Not Ok to Pee your Pants ladies.  It might be common, but it’s not normal.  If you are wondering “Why do I still have Mummy Tummy“, your answer could be a diastasis.  Either way, we can help.

Who is it for? All Moms who have delivered a baby by vaginal or c-section birth. It is never too early or too late for our PNA – Post Natal Assessment.

Specific details? Book your Private Appointment online, your little one is welcome to come along with you. In home assessments available at an extra fee.

Trina’s Private Coaching Services


Work one-on-one with an Award Winning Personal Trainer, Life Coach and #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist in Canada. Get the results you want and deserve by having a program designed specifically for your needs and interests. Train Online, In Studio or Outdoors.

Fit4Females offers Nutrition and Wellness services to compliment any lifestyle and fitness program. Nutrition, fitness and wellness must go hand in hand. Lose inches, weight and reduce body fat with the help of our Nutrition and Wellness Specialist.

Trina Medves has helped thousands of women achieve their goals.  She will share all of her tidbits to help you finally achieve your goals and build the confidence you need to feel great in the real world.

Learn how to manage a nutrition plan in the “real world” without a fad die.  Whatever it is you are looking for, we can help. Contact Us to see if we are a fit.