Improve your life please!  There is nothing like your worst medical fear come true to improve your life.   Mindset is everything.  Last week I dropped off social media and took a break from teaching classes because things progressed.  The responses to my private email made me feel loved and safe.  That email was hard to write.  I was uninspired, scared and emotional but I wrote from the heart because I’m committed to landing in your inbox with inspiration and authenticity.  When you message me, reply with questions, comments and love, it fills my LOVE bucket. Thank you!

Improve your Life Champ!

I will eventually share this journey but for now, my goal as a Coach, Trainer, Fitness Professional, Mom, Wife and Influencer is to create a Support Community for all of us.  I need it right now.  The people that know my medical situation are seriously stressed.  The main question is “How have you been dealing with this?  I would never know because you are always so happy.”  Answer:  It always comes back to my Top 3 here.  Start to improve your life with number one here and figure it out sooner rather later.  Trina-in-bed-recovering


lose-weight-mindset3 Ways to Improve your Life

You say you taking care of you but I bet you could really improve your life.  You must prioritize self care daily, otherwise your mental and physical self suffers.  Practice my Tidbits below and you will improve your life.  I shared my life examples to get you started.  Mindset is EVERYTHING!

#1 On Stage

This stage is when you have to face the day, people and life even when you don’t want to.  You smile, pretend, show up and “fake it until you make it.”  You might not want to get out of bed, feel anxious or stressed but you show up.  Here are my examples:

  • Teaching:  I show up to lead because I love seeing you push your limits, sharing your wins and struggles and creating impact in both of our lives
  • Speaking:  I speak at seminars, on Instagram, Facebook, creating Videos ready to motivate and inspire change in your life
  • I have to be ON all of the time,  smiling, inspiring and checking my bad day at the door
  • I’m a Mom of 3 enough said
  • This stage is exhausting and you need to balance it with the “Off Stage” described below
  • You have to show up, even when you don’t want to because you are the star of the stage

Q: Write down your on stage time. What does it look like? 

Q: Are you happy in your On Stage life? 

Q: What changes can you make?

#2 Back Stage

This is all of the stuff you do that nobody sees to keep your life, family, work, education, business, relationships and house running.  Sometimes it’s auto pilot mode.  You know those things you don’t really want to do but you have to?  For me:
  • The admin side of my business which I can’t stand *we might be hiring if you love this stage 🙂
  • Weekly Emails:  I love writing you weekly so that you will take action from something I’ve suggested or feel like you can relate to what I write, click here to hear from me
  • I create videos, free workouts, recipesFitness Classes, Online Programs you can do at home and run an Award Winning business because it is my mission to teach you to make yourself a priority right now
  • I’m the laundry lady, chef, grocery shopper, chauffeur for my three kids and well, you get the point
  • My Dad called me the GENERAL because back stage doesn’t run unless this mother ship is tight!
  • What I do in the back stage has a large impact on you, my family and community even though nobody sees this part
  • Many time this stage sucks and you feel under appreciated in your work and personal life

Q:  What things can you delegate or stop all together in your back stage show?



#3 Off Stage  – The most critical stage 

We do not spend enough time here.  This stage is necessary for your mental, physical and emotional health.   Take a step back DAILY to be grateful for every small thing in your life whether it be a relationship, friendship or simply getting out of bed today and being given the gift of breath to live another day.  Get off stage champ!
Confession:  I was not spending enough time in this stage.  You never know when your time is up and you have to strengthen your mindset and soul.  Find ways to do it and just be. Try this:
  • Do more of what you love
  • Schedule time in your calendar for off stage
  • Commit to 5 minutes every day with yourself and don’t say a word – acknowledge what comes up, be silent and do not analyze anything, just observe
  • Shut down completely
  • Make time for you
My message is simple, do something for your mental health.
Strengthen it. 
Feel it and heal it.

My back stage Top 3 Priorities:

  • Workouts and Meals:  Move daily and eat everything that feels good for my body
  • Family: Turn off all technology and my phone to hug, kiss and spend quality time with my 3 kids and husband
  • Mindset: Every time I start to get crazy stressed and worried, I bring myself back with breath and focus on what is going well
  • This is exactly how I prioritize my off stage.  Try it.

Q:  What do you need to stop or start doing to strengthen this stage? 

Q: Do you spend enough time daily in this stage?

Accept the struggle and be present today

Practice that daily until it becomes a habit


Workout: 14 Minute Total Body Challenge

Don’t wait for somebody else to appreciate you.  Learn to love yourself and then you will never be disappointed. Celebrate Valentine’s Day or any day with my 14 minute “Love Me” workout and Cupid’s Protein Smoothie.   Remember to:
  • #1 Plan the time in your calendar
  • #2 tell someone for accountability (this is why Group Fitness Classes are so successful)
  • #3 make it happen


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