Fitness Class Schedule

Fitness Class Schedule2024-07-09T14:14:05-04:00

Women’s Only Virtual and In Studio Fitness Classes in Hamilton

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Free Class  In Studio Best Value Group Training
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Saturdays at Colibri Studio Unlimited classes and replays Contact us

Live Fitness Classes & Replays


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In person classes in green boxes at Colibri Studio. Live Zoom classes are Blue below. 

No live classes July 20 – Aug 6


Boot Camp Express 

ends Aug 19
No class July 22, 29, Aug 5, 26, Sept 2
Fall Sept 9- Dec 16



Boot Camp Express

ends Aug 21
No class July 24, 31, Aug 28, Sept 5
Fall Sept 11-Dec 18



Tabata Express

ends Aug 22
No class July 25, Aug 1, 29, Sept 5
Fall Sept 12-Dec 18



Private Small Group Training 

Aug 15-Sept 26 / 7 session $298


Private Small Group Training 

Aug 15-Sept 26 / 7 session $298


Boot Camp Express

ends Aug 23
No class July 26, Aug 2, 30, Sept 5
Fall Sept 13-Dec 13




ends Aug 24
No class July 27, Aug 3, 31 Fall Sept 14-Dec 21




Classes  are Virtual online Zoom and In Studio at Colibri

See schedule for where classes take place colour coded).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Video: Do I have to be on Video for Online Live Classes2020-04-29T15:55:01-04:00

We STRONGLY encourage you to enable your video settings on Zoom for these reasons:

  1. For your safety, your Team Leader will be checking in regularly to ensure you are doing all movements safely and properly.
  2. It creates a stronger community when we can see faces.
  3. Remember that you are being seen by a community of like minded women who are not there to judge you or your appearance.
  4. It’s the same award winning service Online that it would be if you stepped into our In Studio Classes.  You would not show up to Boot Camp and do your workout in the closet while the rest of the class participated right?  Show your beautiful face darling.

If you have an issue with this, please contact us here so that we can make a note in your file.  You WILL be required to sign a separate waiver.

What Equipment do I need for Live Online Classes?2021-08-17T15:17:00-04:00

Classes will be mainly Body Weight with the option to include equipment that you have available.

Can I purchase a Mini Band?

Yes, email us here to request one for $5 and we will ship it or you can pick it up.

We have found these items to be most successful in ALL classes.  It is suggested to have this nearby in every class you attend:

Household items:  

  1. Hand towels, rags or face clothes to act as resistance and gliding discs
  2. Scarf to use as a resistance band
  3. Pillow *if you have a bigger one, add a pillow case to protect it *lots of great exercises with this
  4. A chair or bench for the workout lots we can d​o with this *your couch works well too
  5. Laundry detergent, cast iron pan *anything creative and safe for weights
  6. Backpack: Fill a backpack with heavy items for Kettlebell Swings, Squats, etc.
  7. Water bottle
  8. Your smile

Fitness Equipment if available:

  1. Dumbbells, if available otherwise a scarf or water bottles work well
  2. Resistance bands
  3. Mini bands NOTE:  Mini bands are available for purchase
  4. Stability ball
  5. Bring along anything you have, kettlebells, slam ball, BOSU, etc.
How do I access & log into Live Online Classes?2020-04-29T15:25:51-04:00

First time free class? If you want to try a FREE class, click here and still follow the steps below.  We need forms from you first.

If you purchased any class, follow these steps:

  1. *Download the Online Meeting Program here. NOTE:  Zoom requires a two step process to sign in 
  2. Enter Meeting ID: for security reasons, please contact us via email here to request the zoom ID
  3. Enter the Password: for security reasons, please contact us via email here to request the password
  4. Join our Facebook Group: Request to join by clicking HERE
  5. Best way to reach us is via email here. *As much as we try, we cannot respond to all texts or social media direct messages.  To guarantee faster service, please contact us via email here

NOTE:  If you email the morning of or same night of your class, your email may not be responded to. Please allow enough time to request before your class so that we can get back to you via email.

Thanks so much!

Video playbacks: When will the recordings be on the Website?2022-09-19T19:02:01-04:00
  • Online classes will be loaded to the membership site once weekly.
  • If the class is not yet loaded, please feel free to do any other class from the membership site.

Thanks so much for being so committed to yourself and your workouts.

Class Pass: How does the Flex Pass Work?2018-04-23T09:43:28-04:00

Fit4Females offers 10 or 20 Class Flex Passes for flexibility.  We sell a limited amount to control class numbers and we hold you accountable.

  1. Once purchased, please sign up for your class / classes in advance on the Mind Body Website to ensure availability
  2. 10 Class Flex Pass expires 4 months from the date of purchase
  3. 20 Class Flex Pass expires 6 months from the date of purchase
  4. If there is no space, add yourself to the waiting list and you will get an email/text once someone cancels

All Fit4Females sales are final. All Programs, Packages and Class Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable

Unlimited Classes: Hard Core Membership2018-04-17T21:00:25-04:00

We take our unlimited memberships seriously.  We want you showing up and accountable.  Our class numbers are ALWAYS controlled and we are not a “drop in” kind of gym studio.  If you have purchased a Hard Core Unlimited Membership please do this IMMEDIATELY:

  • To guarantee a spot, sign up for ALL classes IMMEDIATELY at the time of purchase in the Mind Body Classes Tab
  • Your classes are not guaranteed until you secure them
  • If you do not select your class choices within 24 hours of purchase and class sells out, you will get added to a waiting list  based on availability
  • Please cancel any class you know you will miss as a courtesy to your Team Leaders and Members
Stroller Classes: Are Toddlers Welcome?2018-04-17T21:09:51-04:00

Yes absolutely.  Toddlers can get very busy and for safety reasons:

  • We do not tolerate violence or hitting between children *please remove your child from class for a quiet moment if a situation arises
  • Keep your eyes on your toddler at all times while working out
  • No play balls/swords/riding toys or anything with wheels (toy cars, trucks, etc.) TRIPPING HAZARD
  • If in a stroller, keep them in as long as possible buckled
How to Cancel Class on Mind Body2020-09-09T14:25:45-04:00

To claim your free make class, please ensure you early cancel your missed class.  We want you accountable and we do a lot of follow up for those who miss classes regularly.


  • Click here to log in to your Mind Body account (top right corner of F4F website)
  • MY INFO tab>MY SCHEDULE>CANCEL on the class / classes that will be missed (min 8 hours before the scheduled class to qualify for a free make up)


Note:  Classes cancelled within the 4 hour time frame are subject to a free make up based on availability.   *We realize that emergencies and sickness come up and there will always be an exception for those circumstances.  Please email us to let us know.   

Class Cancellations due to weather?2019-11-11T16:36:21-05:00

Updates related to class cancellations will be added to our website schedule 2 hours before class and posted to our Facebook page. If you are scheduled on the class roster for that day and have opted into emails, you will receive an email about the class cancellation as well as a text.

Dofasco will also add the notice to their hotline at 905-548-7737.  Please note that you can make up the class at any time no charge before the end of the session by emailing us your request.

Stroller Classes: Are snacks allowed?2018-04-17T19:00:54-04:00

Many of our stroller kids have serious allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. We would like everyone to feel welcome.  Thanks for your understanding. Healthy nutrition and safety is number 1!Only fruit, vegetables and water are permitted

  • Exceptions: formula/milk for babies *please ensure it is kept with you at all times
  • We have children with severe ANAPHYLATIC food allergies
  • NO cheerios, crackers, mum mums, etc
  • Pick up your kids mess if they drop food during class
Stroller Classes: Why join?2018-04-17T20:05:10-04:00

There is no need for child care, you can meet other Moms, socialize and get your sanity back. You will tone and strengthen your entire body with your little one at your side. Classes are always schedule for indoors but when it’s appropriate we may move outdoors – don’t worry, we will give you plenty of notice.  We have the luxury of an exclusive facility to enjoy Stroller Fit year round.

Stroller Programs: When can I join?2017-10-09T20:06:29-04:00

Stroller Programs are designed for Moms 6 weeks+ postpartum.  Having said that it’s not a green light to go hard.  We highly recommend a Post Natal Assessment with our on site expert.  We also suggest seeing a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist which we can recommend.  Toddlers and babies are welcome in all Stroller Fitness Programs of any age.

Stroller Classes: What if my little one gets fussy?2018-04-17T20:05:20-04:00

No worries. All of our little ones are usually happy for class since there is so much to see and hear. If your little one gets fussy you can tend to their needs and carry on. It’s the perfect environment because everyone is in the same boat. Some littles ones enjoy being in a baby carrier for the workout.

How do I register for a class?2020-09-09T14:27:58-04:00

Registration is done online from the comfort of your own home!

STEP 1: Choose your Class from our Schedule here
STEP 2:  Create an online account (In Studio Login located at top right corner of F4F website)
STEP 3: Complete Online forms:  1) New Member Registration Online Waiver and 2) ParQ.
STEP 4:  Arrive 15 min early to your first class – it’s important!
STEP 4: Helpful Tips & Links:

All Post-Natal clients must have had a 6 week post-natal check up and a Post Natal Assessment prior to commencing a Program.  Can’t wait to have you in class!!!

Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

What if I miss a class?2020-09-09T14:27:50-04:00

F4F takes pride in supporting you in every way possible. We want to see you fulfill your fitness goals and keep you accountable while having an incredible experience in our Award Winning Programs. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that we give our members and therefore limit our class sizes. Make up classes will always be encouraged when and if space is available however they are never guaranteed.  Please consider purchasing a F4F Flex Pass if you will be missing several classes.  How to claim a make up:

  1. Maximum 4 free make ups per session *provided that you early cancel in the time provided
  2. Please early cancel your class here under “my account” *No early cancel, no free make
  3. Classes must be made up within your registered session, no carry overs. No exceptions.
  4. Please email  your requested make up class. If there is room, we will add you.  If the class is full, as members cancel, you will be moved from the wait list onto the roster and you will be notified by email/text that you can attend the class.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Location: Where are classes held?2024-02-20T11:30:21-05:00

We have Women’s Only Fitness classes Online Zoom and In Studio, In Person at various Studio Rentals.  Please click here for our current location.

Private Coaching: How long is a session?2018-04-17T20:10:05-04:00

Private sessions are between 30 and 75 minutes depending on the package you purchased.

How do I become a Fit4Females member?2016-10-16T10:14:54-04:00

Join any Fit4Females Program and you will automatically become a Fit4Females member.  As a member you will VIP registration and rates. What a great way to save! Click here to get started!

Free Class: Can I try a class before I join?2018-04-17T19:21:05-04:00

If you are new to Fit4Females, your first class is FREE.

To claim your FREE Class, please do this:

  1. Click here to request your FREE class
  2.  Create an online account through Fit4Females Mind Body
  3. Complete these two Online Forms:  1) New Member Registration Online Waiver and 2) ParQ.
  4. We will email to confirm your spot
  5. Arrive 15 minutes early to your first class  Location – make sure you know if we are at Dofasco Park or Lois Laxton.

We can’t wait to meet you!!!

Helpful Tips & Links:

Gift Certificates: Does Fit4Females offer Gift Certificates?2017-10-09T20:21:20-04:00

Absolutely, they make the perfect gift for anyone and you can purchase ANY amount directly online here.

Do I have to be in good shape before joining a program?2016-09-20T20:41:20-04:00

No.  All classes and programs are designed to suit ALL fitness levels, shapes and sizes.  No two people are alike.  Classes are challenging and fun for all fitness levels from beginner to athlete.  No matter what your shape, weight or size, these programs are for you!

Do I have to be a Dofasco Member to join?2018-04-17T20:10:33-04:00

No.  Please contact Fit4Females in advance to let them know you are planning to attend a class.  Parking is free.

When do classes move outdoors?2018-04-17T20:11:30-04:00

Only some classes move outdoors between May and September.  All classes are scheduled in the Studio and if we think it’s appropriate to get some Vitamin D we may take you outside for a portion or the entire class.

Classes: Are they Indoor or Outdoors?2018-04-17T19:37:48-04:00

Classes are indoors for Fall and Winter (August to April).  Certain classes never go outdoors so be sure to check the schedule. Whenever we get a chance to get some extra Vitamin D, we will head outside.

  • May to August weather permitting, some classes move outdoors for Spring and Summer
  • Tues/Wed Stroller classes are indoor only *Friday Stroller moves outdoors at the Dofasco track
  • All other classes move outdoors weather permitting *sometimes for a portion, other times for the entire class
  • Do not register for an outdoor class if you prefer to be indoors
  • Come prepared with layers, bug spray, sunglasses, sunscreen and extra water
  • We will not go outside in extreme heat, rain or snow
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