As a Fitness Professional and Coach, I can help you stop procrastinating so that you can achieve your fitness, nutrition and weight loss goals.  This weeks Trina’s Tidbits includes a Workout of the Week for Legs, Shoulders and ABS, Tips to Stop Procrastinating, Meal Prep Tidbits and my Crockpot Soup Recipe.  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Workout: Legs, Shoulders & ABS

You need three things to stick to a fitness routine:  #1 Plan the time in your calendar, #2 tell someone for accountability (this is why Group Fitness Classes are so successful) and #3 make it happen with action.  Get started with my Free Workouts here.  Start with the real time workout below.  Click here for the full workout.

Legs, Shoulders and ABS workout with Trina – Long version

My Favourite Exercise for ABS & Glutes 

This is a great move to target ABS and Glutes.  Modified side plank with a hip drop.  Try 10 Reps on each side, rest and then repeat 4 times total.

lose-weight-mindsetHow to Stop Procrastinating

To all my procrastinators, your brain is exhausted because has to make a decision each time you procrastinate.  Trina’s Challenge:  Complete two things from your list today and repeat daily going forward.  Set a 10 minute timer and put clothes back where they belong, file or shred those documents, have that workout, drink more water, cross something of the list so that your brain can rest.  Let this video motivate you.

A workout can cure anything

I was procrastinating my workouts more than I want to admit. Not anymore, working out will change your mood for the better every single time.  Join me for FREE workouts here, try a free Women’s Only Boot Camp or Stroller Fitness, go for a walk and get that body moving. Join our Women’s Only Fitness Programs

food-is-fuel-food-icon3 Meal Prep Tips:  Crockpot Turkey, Tofu & Veggie Soup

I created this video Crockpot recipe with left over items in my fridge that I didn’t want to waste.  With a little practice and planning, you will be a genius in the kitchen.  Healing your body comes from what you decide to put in your mouth.  Plan wisely!

Tidbit #1:  Plan Meals Ahead

  • Make a decision, plan the meal and be sure you have all ingredients on hand
  • Get your family involved in planning lunch and dinners
  • Write it down somewhere!

Tidbit #2 Prep Protein in advance

  • For all you meat eaters, prep in advance
  • Batch cook things chicken, ground turkey, meatballs so it’s ready to go for different meals
  • For vegetarians:  cook beans, lentils, eggs and all your fave’s in advance

Tidbit #3 Use everything up in the fridge

  • We waste a lot because things get pushed into the back of the fridge
  • Know what you have and use it up
  • Make a meal out of whatever you have left in your fridge

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