You have no excuses!  If you struggle to fit in workouts, meal planning and following through, you are not alone.  Make my “beat the bloating” recipe, Tabata workout and how to get clear on your Top 3 goals so you can ditch your excuses, be happy and lean. If you struggle to fit workouts in, you are not alone.  I struggle too and I’m a Coach/Trainer.  Motion creates happy emotions so let’s get moving with my no excuses workout.  We will eliminate what is not important and activate what is.  Last week I posted my 3 Simple Steps to Get Lean, check it out here if you missed it.

No Excuses with Coach Trina 

No Excuses at a Glance

#1 Tabata Training: No excuses live workout and free downloads
#2 Food: Green Juice recipe that can help beat bloating
#3 Trina’s Tidbit: Schedule your Top 3 Daily tips below
*Commit to all or one & tell me how it’s going with the #Fit4Females


Trina’s Tabata Training 4 minutes

You have no excuses with these Fit Traveller Workouts.  They are perfect if you are strapped for time or equipment.  I am busy with three kids so I did this Tabata workout in my bedroom before the chaos started. Download these workouts and save them on your phone or computer.

Trina’s Tabata Bedroom Workout Download Here

  • The Fit Traveller Workouts are two workouts, no equipment necessary
  • There is a real time video above so you can do it with me
  • I made it into a Tabata session because I was strapped for time, you can make it longer as noted in the download
  • Do it in your bedroom to get you started for the day, it gives a great after burn if you push hard
  • Tabata is a type of HIIT Training and this is exactly why you should add it once a week to your workouts

How to do the Tabata Workout

  • Set a timer 20 sec hard work
  • 10 sec of rest
  • 8 rounds total *or follow me live in the workout below
  • Perform a warm up set and the second round make it hard
  • 20 sec of Single Leg Lunge with a Glute Kickback *keep your chest up, long spine and move at your own pace
  • 20 sec of Mountain runners or Plank hold
  • 1×1 means 1 set of single leg lunges, then one set of mountain runners = one round

banana-muffins-food-is-fuel-food-icon#2: Beat Bloating with this Green Juice Recipe 

Green juice to beat bloating and anti-aging because of all of the nutrients.  We all need more vegetables and this green juice is a great way to include them in your day.  Great in the afternoon because it gives you a boost of energy and it’s what I drink when I’m craving another coffee or latte.  It helps with weight loss, hydrating your skin, keeps you feeling full and helps you look and feel great.

Green Juice Ingredients

  • 3 large handfuls of raw spinach
  • 1/4 cup  of water
  • One handful of raw kale
  • An entire apple (core removed)
  • One slice of pineapple
  • 1 whole carrot
  • 5 ice cubes
  • Organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Blend in your favourite blender *I love the Blendtec, vitamix and Ninja
  • Pour into a fancy class and enjoy!



lose-weight-mindset#3 Wellness: Get Clear on your daily Top 3

You can’t do everything but you can commit to three things daily to help you crush any goal.  Decide what is really important, list your Top 3 daily *they can be the same Top 3 or different.  What’s important is that you work on them daily and write them down. Spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day doing each of your Top 3. I dive deep into your Top 3 here. Here are some examples for you:

Weight Loss:

  • Workout 10-20 minutes
  • 10 minutes less on social media giving you more time
  • Drink 3 cups of my Lemon Detox Water

Improving your overall health:

  • 10 minutes of movement – walk, take the stairs or 10 min workout
  • Organize your night / morning routine
  • Making bed time so you get 7-9 hours depending on what you need *4 Sleep Hacks if you struggle with getting sleep

Travel a lot?

  • Download my Eating on the Go tips and my Fit Traveller
  • Request a fridge in your room, buy some healthy pre-made meals and groceries that you can keep in your room.
  • Here is how you can do some planning, brain dumping and reflecting.

Final Tidbit Recap: 

  • Download the FREE Fit Traveller Workouts
  • You can’t do everything, eliminate what is not important and activate what is with your Top 3 here
  • 4 Sleep Hacks if you struggle with getting sleep
  • 3 Simple Steps to Get Lean, check it out hereif you missed it.

You got this champ!

xo Trina

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