Get lean with three simple steps, it’s not as complicated as it seems.  Forget what you read and hear on social media and the internet.  Diets, weight loss programs, all of it. Last week I posted a video the “Best Way to Lose Weight“.  I got messages saying “I felt like you were speaking to me! I need to do this, I’m full of excuses and fear failure“.  I’m dishing out three simple steps you can do right now to make a change in your body.

Get Lean with Coach Trina

Get Lean with 3 Simple Steps

  1. Three workouts a week is what you need *Try a free class if you are in the Hamilton area
  2. Eat right for your body, no dieting *no worries, you can still indulge
  3. Write what you want and stop stressing about weight loss *Join our free challenge here

You are stronger than your excuses!

Jody is a widow who struggled raising a baby and battling grief. Her story and transformation is inspiring. No crazy diet or working out for seven days straight.  She got lean by:

You can do it too! 

3 Steps to Get Lean at a Glance

#1 Commit to fitness: Do this 5 min ABS and Arms Workout
#2 Food: Better choices and planning *Make this Salad in a Jar or Buddha Bowl  
#3 Trina’s Tidbit: Never let your brain forget what is important to you, read below
*Commit to all or one & tell me how it’s going

#1 Commit to Fitness: 5 min ABS & Arms Workout

Try this two times this week. You in?
  • You can’t spot reduce but you can create more muscle and decrease body fat with these exercises
  • Motivation won’t just show up (unless you need to be in a bathing suit asap for a trip), you have to disciplined to make it happen
  • 3 hours of workouts in the week broken up however you want – Join my free challenge here
  • Trina’s Tidbit: This workout is quick and boosts energy and mood for the day



#2 Get Lean Salad in a Jar or Bowl

Prep your lunch or dinners 3 to 5 days this week.  Pay attention and eliminate all foods that cause you bloating for 21 to 30 days.  Even some healthy foods like quinoa and avocado can cause inflammation in some people.
  • Add veggies in mason jars, take out containers or bowls
  • Tip: Dressing at the bottom and layer veggies on top
  • Make this Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad with any veggies you love here.
  • Trina’s Tidbit: Clear containers in your fridge make you want to eat them and making ahead ensures better food choices.



#3 Tidbit: Write what you want

If you want to weigh 160 pounds, write it down. If you want to workout 4 days a week, write it down.  NEVER let your brain forget what is important to you.  Give it reminders by writing it down.  3 months ago I had a Brain Surgery Biopsy and writing down “I’ve healed from my diagnosis, the medication worked“, is what’s on my list. Read it when you get stuck in negative talk.
  • Write as though you have “already achieved it
  • For example: “I weigh 160 pounds, I workout 4 times a week, I feel good in my clothes”
  • There is science behind the success of writing, I’m not making this up
  • You will struggle with “I don’t have time, I haven’t achieved it, I’m not seeing results, excuse after excuse
  • Do it anyway because it works. Repeat and repeat
  • Trina’s Tidbit: Daily reminder to keep at it despite all of your struggles *It really works.
  • Here is how you can do some planning, brain dumping and reflecting

Final Thoughts

xo Trina

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