ABS are for show, the core makes you go!  I love that saying because it’s so true.  We all love a good set of ABS.  More than for beauty, they are important for proper function.  Coach Trina here sharing five exercises to target ABS, back and arms.  This series of Trina’s Transformation Tidbits includes effective exercises to add to your routine, sleep tidbits, tips to identify your time suckers and 4 tips to stay on track and succeed.

Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationSleep Tidbit | 5 Exercises for ABS, Back and Arms 

I’m sharing a video below of five great exercises for you.  Before I do, remember that sleep is when you restore and repair your body from your workout.  If you want to lose body fat, get your beauty sleep.  By the time my 3 kids go to bed, it’s kitchen clean up time, prep for the next day, laundry and everything else.  Do you ever feel like rewarding yourself with sitting on the couch sans kids, watching Netflix, wine and chips?  Here is how I am changing my habits to get to bed earlier:

4 Sleep Tidbits

  1. Write down what time you need to be in bed every night
  2. Every 7 days, pull your bed time back by 15 minutes to get to the optimal sleep you want
  3. Write down what time your phone is off limits
  4. No TV Sunday – Thursday

Watch the Video for these 5 Must Do Exercises

  1. Resistance band lat pull down *great for posture, back and lats
  2. Resistance band rear delt pull open and close *great for posture and back of the body
  3. Light weight plank row *start with no weight or light weight 4 rows x 6 shoulder taps x 3 rounds
  4. Heavy weight plank row *this is very progressed, start light 4 rows x 6 shoulder taps x 3 rounds
  5. Core breath body weight plank *deeply inhale, exhale all of the air out while keeping the hips up and repeat

Trainer Tips: 

  • Inhale, expand the lungs, and exhale to blow out all of the air
  • Keep your hips high *avoid rocking side to side
  • Start with body weight only

Forget-the-Diet-Fit-Mind-TTT-Mindset-Thoughts-IconIdentify your Time Suckers

Too much time is wasted on daily “Time Suckers” and then we complain we don’t have enough time to fit in a workout.  My rule before opening my phone in the morning to social media, is that my morning ritual must be done and my top 3 things goals for the day must be scheduled in my agenda.   I love instagram and Facebook but they can be a time sucker so set limits.  Protect your time like a mama bear protects her cub and try this:

4 Take Action Tidbits

  1. Make a list of your time suckers *what do you waste time on?
  2. Schedule and set a time for when you are going to engage in those “time sucker tasks”
  3. Get rid of the time suckers that are useless
  4. Read my 3 Ways to Immediately Find More Time  

4 Tidbits to Get on Track with Your Workout

I set an 8 week Transformation goal to gain strength, drop body fat and inches.  To achieve this goal I created a Fitness Program and plan to stay on track.  My Back and Butt workout was one of the workouts that you can try here.  If you struggle to get on track, here are four Tidbits to stay Fit4Females focused.

Answer these questions, pen to paper: 

  1. What is the goal you want to achieve?
  2. Set a deadline: What is the date you want to achieve this goal by?
  3. What is the payoff?  How will you feel? What will it look like?
  4. Bonus:  Write down the action steps that you need to take to make this goal a reality

Fit4Females Focus Plan

  1. Meal plans, workouts and more with our Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge
  2. We won Best Boot Camp in Hamilton.  Try a FREE Class on us!

Trina xo

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