I’m sharing 4 Tips to Lose Weight & Feel great because most of us want to do just that.  To do that, you must get organized with mindset, a plan and take action.  Life won’t be less busy tomorrow so start right now.  These 4 Tips to Lose Weight and Feel Great are simple things that you can do daily to get lean, clean and feel successful.  The less stressed you are, the more your body can let go of stubborn fat.  Oh and big announcement my 10 Day Lean and Clean Program is finally here!


4 Tips to Lose Weight and Feel Great 

Whether you want to lose weight or just start to feel great, I’ve got you covered.  I’m sharing these amazing tips because they work and I want you to start taking action.  Follow these 4 Simple Steps to feel less stress, more accomplished, lighter and leaner.  If you want to dive deeper, check out my 10 Day Lean and Clean Program.   Here are some Tidbits to get you started:

Tidbit #1:  Make a Dump List to identify your starting point

  • Dump all thoughts from your brain onto paper
  • Do this every day, before bed *or when you feel stressed
  • Release every thought in your head so your brain can relax
  • Pen to paper, it doesn’t have the same effect if you are typing it
  • No judgment, don’t organize it, no Type A, no highlighting just yet, just dump!

Coach Tip:  This simple step allows your brain to relax because it knows all of your thoughts and to do’s are recorded for later.  Your brain will then be able to focus on you moving forward in a better direction because all of your stress is on paper now.

Tidbit #2:  Organize the Dump List

  • Separate everything on the “Dump List” by categories
  • Categories can be work, personal self care, family *customize it for you
  • Permission to use highlighters and organize by colours
  • Option to transfer these specific goals/tasks to apps or electronics if you prefer *I love Evernote and Reminders

Coach Tip:  This process will help you recognize that not everything is urgent and some of your thoughts are repetitive. Make shorter mini lists.

Tidbit #3: Pick your Daily 3

Your list will help you realize where you might be unhappy and unproductive.  Focus on picking one thing in each category to do so that you will feel accomplished at the end of the day.   Categories should include Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness (this includes your stress, emotion and mental well being).

Pick 3 Example for Day 1

Fitness:  10 minute walk

Nutrition:  Drink my Lemon Detox Water Recipe here

Wellness:  Do a before bed brain dump today of everything on my mind

Coach Tip: Baby steps towards massive action.   Doing these three things daily builds habits, accountability and a feeling of success.  I can’t wait for you to get started.

Tidbit #4:  What is the Payoff?

Write down what the pay off will be if you complete one simple thing in each category related to Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness every day.  How will it make you feel?

Coach Tip:  If you do one thing related to each category for 10 days, that is 30 mini things you have accomplished in 10 days!  

This is part of the Daily Goal Tracker Tasks I lay out for you in my 10 Day Lean and Clean Program.  Accomplishing small goals make you feel amazing!


lose-weightI am AMAZING

“I AM” are two powerful words.  What you say after them will change your life.  Mindset drives your life forward. When you are in a negative mindset, everything negative comes.

Whatever you told yourself today, your brain registered it and is giving exactly what you told yourself.  When you feel any emotion, you experience a 30-90 second response loop. You have the choice to exit that emotional “loop” or stay completely stuck and tell yourself the same story over and over again letting the same get the way of moving upward and onward.

What did our Members Say?

I asked my Fit4Females members for an “I AM” statement.  Here are some examples:

  • Erin says:  I am stronger than the mirror shows me
  • Taylor says:  I am learning to love and appreciate my body for its strength and function rather than it’s aesthetics
  • Jeanette says:  I am finally not second guessing every single thing I do as a parent

What you say to yourself is going to shape your life.   These ladies really struggled behind the scenes.  Practice your “I am” statement. Warning, there might be a lot of emotion and resistance showing up.

“I AM” are two of the most powerful words.  Make what comes after them really count and make it positive!

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Trina xo

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