Free fitness stuff yes please!  I lost 15 pounds because I committed to Fitness, Food and better habits. I’m sharing all of my free fitness tips and workouts, food and tidbits in this free Challenge with you. Join me if desperately want to simply feel better.  Our In Studio Fitness classes are in full swing and so is the Fit4Females Fitness, Food and Better Habits Challenge (online emails with me).  Join for one or both to feel better.
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What is the free Fitness & Food Challenge?

Challenges of the Week: Each week I email you challenges related to better Food, Fitness and Habits. No matter your excuses and schedule, we will create a positive impact in your body. Week One is below, let’s do this.  Get on the list for the free challenge here.

What’s the Pay Off if you do it? 

  • Getting in shape, mental clarity, feeling better, and losing weight to name a few.
  • Never think “I have to do it, it’s so hard“.
  • Instead think “I’m doing this because I can and it makes me feel great“.
  • I will share my private “pay off” reasons so you know why we do what we do.
  • To stay on track, ask yourself “What is the pay off if I do this? How will I feel when I do it?”  Write down your answers and keep them visible to stay on track.

Free Challenges of the Week

This week is routines, free fitness challenge and breakfast choices.  You can be in for one or all, a little or a lot, you decide:

#1 Fitness / 3x a week

  • 6 Minute Butts & Guts Workout OR join us for an In Studio workout
  • Goal is 3 workouts in the next 7 days *lots of movement
  • On “non workout” days plan to be active: walk, swim, just move!

#2 Food *daily

  • Decide breakfast the night before, try Breakfast Cookies or recipes below
  • To be worked on daily

#3 Trina’s Tidbit *daily

  • Master your Morning Routine the night before, read this.
  • To be worked on daily

#4 Accountability

  • Comment below and snap selfies to post on social using the hashtag #Fit4Females and tag Fit4Females too.

#1 Fitness: Butts and Guts 6 min Workout

I am the booty expert so here is your fitness challenge. 15 minutes total (5 min warm up, 6 min workout and 5-10 min cool down). Trina’s Pay Off: I do it for my sanity and my mood and body feels instantly better. Bonus, I yell at my kids less when I’ve done something for me.


#2 Food: Breakfast Prep

Decide what’s for breakfast the night before.  Make ahead and freeze.  If Breakfast Cookies aren’t your thing, try any of these:

Trina’s Pay Off: Breakfast at home, avoid drive-thru, stay lean, fit and fuelled and I’m not rushed because I decided in advance.


#3 Tidbit: Master your Morning

To lose weight, get lean and be less stressed, you must master your morning routine and it starts the night before. If it wasn’t for my disciplined routine, I would be stressed to the max with 3 kids always needing me.  Trina’s Pay Off: More time, less stress, workouts actually happen and less morning frustration, read this.


Trina’s Final Tidbits

You may have tried to change your diet, fitness routine and life before but failed.  The awesome thing is that you get to try again from scratch.  Sometimes you just need to try and fail and then do it again.  I know you can do this.  Choose one simple thing from the challenges above that you can change this week.

xo Trina

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