Is your morning routine chaos?  These four tips for a better morning routine is how I keep weight off and stay lean.  With three kids, my mornings are chaos.  If it wasn’t for my disciplined morning routine that starts the night before, I would be stressed to the max.  Every Thursday I dish out Trina’s Transformation Tidbits to transform your life which you can grab here.  Here’s a Freebie if you need a workout.  Make your morning routine non-negotiable because it helps keep stress low, the weight off and your mindset right. Tell me below what you struggle most with. 

4 Tips for a Better Morning Routine

Successful and lean people have these four things in common:

  • Consistency
  • Discipline
  • Routine
  • Rituals

They are diligent and stick to it no matter what.  You will do the same with my amazing better morning routine tips below.

Tip #1: Prep Breakfast

Get organized for the morning and do it the night before by prepping breakfast.  It’s not enough to wake up, have a coffee and head out the door because it disrupts your hormones and does not help with weight loss.  Here are things I practice:

  • Currently addicted to these make ahead Chia Pudding Jars for Breakfast
  • Prep smoothie ingredients frozen in a container then simply add almond milk and protein powder if necessary
  • If you need help, download my 5 Dairy Free Smoothies here that you can prep ahead of time
  • If you have extra time try this Loaded Breakfast Sweet Potato
  • 10 more breakfast recipe ideas here
  • Every night, plan what’s for breakfast the next day
  • Prep it so it’s in the fridge and there are no issues if you over sleep your time *no hitting the snooze button

Chia Pudding Jars for Breakfastchia-jar-pudding-raspberry-jam-eat-clean

Tip #2: Calendar It – 5 min review

Calendar whatever needs to happen or you want to happen the next day. There is a difference between the two. You might need to buy groceries but you want to have a workout.  Both need to be scheduled as a priority and this works:

  • Calendar routine (5 min): Review your calendar, schedule workouts with a firm date and time, delegate or clear what is not needed for the day *here is how to eliminate and delegate from your calendar
  • Do you need to calendar your workout?
  • What are your meals for the day?
  • When can you schedule YOU time?
  • What is the pay off if you complete the task?
I categorize the majority of my day in my planner.  If workouts are your current struggle, start with these Workouts of the Week.

Tip #3: Clothes and Water Ready to Go

Get your clothes ready the night before.
  • From underwear, your elastic, socks, “work or stay at home outfit”, shoes and every single item needed to wear for the next day
  • Picking your clothes avoids brain drain *your brain has a limit as to how many decisions you can make in a day
  • It’s one less decision and you will avoid finding out your “favourite top or outfit being in the wash
  • Workout planned?  Pack those clothes  too!
  • Always fill up your water bottle too

Tip #4: Ready at the Door

If you have to leave the house put everything at the door.  This avoids “forgetting or looking for things” because it’s at the door”.  It will also help with time management because items are ready to go.

  • Think about what you need to do the next day – what items go with what appointments or tasks?
  • Make a checklist and put everything at the door and never leave home without a water bottle
  • Make your kids do this every night too

Kerry Got Organized and is down 7 pounds


Which tip above do you need to tighten up most?  I hope these tips help transform your life and can’t wait to hear how you are doing – use the hashtag #Fit4Females in social media so I can find you.
Coach Trina xo

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