You are what you believe so I am going to teach you how to be fit, happy and healthy.  Growing up, my Mom always told me “Trina, you are going to change the world and be on Oprah!  I’m not just saying this because you are my daughter.”  You know what?  I believed her and that is wired in my brain. One day I will email you and tell you I’m on Oprah.

As I think about the chaos of my life, the major battles I have overcome and the medical nightmare I am currently battling, I hear her voice.  You can convince yourself of anything by training your brain.  I’ve got some Tidbits for you to implement today and and a Caesar Salad Dressing recipe to celebrate with.  Never miss my weekly Trina’s Tidbits.


How to be Fit, Happy and Healthy

First of all, if you didn’t have a positive role model like my Mom, no worries.  Secondly, you can change your habits and beliefs with practice. Seems difficult but it’s possible.  It’s all about your daily Top 3 and training your brain to make it happen.  Make a plan, stick to that commitment and take action.  You do NOT need a diet to lose weight maybe you just need to choose foods and make better decisions to help you feel your best.  Pick one habit you want to break, put pen to paper and make it come alive.  Warning: If you implement these tidbits, it will work!

Here’s How to be Fit, Happy and Healthy:

  • Track it:  Set a 90 day tracker goal * simple calendar or paper is fine
  • Time it:  Put a start and end date
  • Tap into it:  Make a list of things you want to change and tap into what you really want *dump everything from your brain to paper and make it messy
  • Take Action:  From that list, choose the most important habit to change now.  Write down what is the payoff when you achieve this goal
  • Test it:  Make a plan on how to get there, test it out, make changes when you need to & get help, ask people!
  • Tackle it:  Follow through daily
  • Top 3:  Write down a Top 3 to do list daily

What is your Top 3? 

It is 3 small things you can do every single day in 10 minutes or less to get you closer to that goal.

  • Every day, list 3 small things you can do in 10 minutes or less that will get you towards your goal of that one important thing
  • Post that goal everywhere you look
  • Follow through with the Top 3
  • They can be different every day or some days they might be exactly the same
  • They can be anything, mindset, fitness, nutrition, emotional or whatever you want
  • Get rid of the emotional baggage that is creating ridiculous beliefs that you no longer need, read more here.
  • Get super clear on your Top 3 Daily Priorities

Coach Examples to be Fit, Happy & Healthy

  • Reduce alcohol:  decide weekends only, 1-2x week or special occasions only – Top 3 could be a walk to distract you at your trigger hour, drink my Lemon Detox Water and drinking something else in the wine glass you are used to drinking in
  • Workout more:  Download this 10 minute workout here
  • Increase water intake: track it, write it down and set a goal of how many bottles, read Are you Drinking enough water here
  • Make a weekly meal plan, start here
  • Workouts:  How many days can you workout?  How much can you afford in time and money?
  • Get started with my 10 Day Lean and Clean
  • As a result of you taking action you will better your life.  Be patient with the process and reach out to me if you need help.


food-is-fuel-food-iconCaesar Salad Dressing Recipe

Caesar Salad Dressing is a popular choice but the bottled versions have lots of additives.  My first choice for salad dressing is my Mason Jar Salad Dressing recipe here.  I was never a fan of Caesar Dressing until this homemade version.  It’s delicious, creamy and my three kids love it for dipping raw veggies. Click here for the full recipe.

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