Gaining weight is ruining my mental health” a member wroteAnother said “I struggle with a simple 15 minute workout.  You write and we listen. Can you relate?  I totally can because being a Mom of 3, work, family life and the stress of my medical nightmare caused me to gain weight and have less time for workouts. When you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. These Tidbits help you with weight loss and time stressors in your life.  Also included is four workouts to get you started.

Gaining Weight and what to do about it

Missing workouts and gaining weight ruins your energy, mental health and body image. Pick something from the list and take action daily.  Each category is broken down below.  Start with what you need most.

#1 Rockstar Routines 

Reduce gaining weight by positive routines.  These five rituals help with weight loss, health and time management goals. I noted how much time I spend on each one so you get an idea for yourself:

  • Make your bed daily routine (1 min):  I swear by this, try it for 30 days it’s a game changer, read more here
  • Calendar routine (5 min): Review your calendar, schedule workouts with a firm date and time, delegate or clear what is not needed for the day *here is how to eliminate and delegate from your calendar
  • Daily Top 3 routine (minimum 30 min total): Each day schedule 3 small things that better your fitness, mindset or nutrition habits and then follow through 10 mins on each item, here is how I do it
  • Morning routine (8 min): Starts the the night before, giving you more time and smoother mornings, AMEN!
  • Move daily routine (minimum of 10 min):  Move your body daily by walking, dancing, taking the stairs or working out *scientifically improves your mindset

Download this workout to your Inbox

Four Workouts that I love 

Schedule one of these workouts for accountability.

  1. HIIT Leg Workouts & Glutes
  2. 15 minute or less Body Weight workout
  3. FAB 5 No Equipment ABS & Body Weight Only
  4. 7 minute Bedroom Live Tabata Training

Pick one to work on.  Keep me posted on how it goes with the hashtag #Fit4Females on social media or email us 🙂

#2 Group Accountability  

  • Group Fitness classes are proven to make you succeed
  • Workout at home and tell a friend you are on a quest so they can hold you accountable for losing weight and body fat *this comes from your calendar routine because you have already scheduled your workouts right?
  • Discuss and tell those around you in your family that you are taking time out for you for a workout, walk or whatever you decide
  • Join us In Studio Classes or Online Workouts and make it a PRIORITY
  • Start now, sign up for a FREE class.

  A peak inside Stroller Fitness Classes

#3 Time doesn’t matter

  • Amount of time doesn’t matter so much as MAKING time
  • Every bit adds up so move your body, schedule workouts and priorities daily
  • Our classes are 45-60 min if you are local to Hamilton or Stoney Creek, Ontario 🙂
  • Intensity and routine count so commit to working out ANY amount of time you have
  • Trainer’s Rule:  Start now!

Be Kind to yourself and Surrender

As a Coach, Mom of 3 and Head Trainer at Fit4Females, I always promise to be authentic with struggles and wins…

Trainer Truth Bomb

I finally got a diagnosis after my Brain Surgery Biopsy but my diagnosis, this disease, my treatment and all of the medication I’m taking got the best of me today. I forced myself to surrender.

Anyone else feel like life is a GONG show some days?

Permission to be angry

I am PISSED OFF and I want to scream “IT’S NOT FAIR.”

Angry, sad , grateful and overwhelmed all within moments.

When I focus on what this disease has already taken from me, it’s hard getting out of bed and tears roll down my face. I want to scream

Train yourself for positive thoughts

When I focus on what I have left and the things I can still do, it makes me fight and feel positive to move forward another day.

Whatever struggles you have, surrender and let go of resistance. We control so much but life sometimes has another plan for us.

Coach Trina had a big cry and breakdown today. Reminding myself I am human and God and the universe ? has a plan for me that I’m not sure that I want but I know I have to accept.

Inspiration from our Members:

Look what our Members wrote:


Final Thoughts

  • Be kind to yourself, your habits and creating new changes
  • Schedule your Top 3 small things to immediately improve your life
  • Routine is key, practice scheduling things everyday to work toward weight and fat loss
  • Tomorrow is another day warrior.  If today doesn’t go the way you want, schedule it for tomorrow

Trina xo

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