I’m sharing my loss, emotional mess and tips to eliminate and delegate so you can take control.  Imagine what life would be like if you only did what you love to do every day.  I have a Trina’s Transformation Tidbit for you that I want you to actually DO instead of just reading.  Prioritize it and DO IT.  If Facebook is your thing, request VIP access to my private Facebook Group here.    As always, I’m an Instagram junkie so you can find me there daily.

Loss | My Emotional Mess of Losing my Mom 

It was the 21 year anniversary of my Mom’s passing and it took me down like an emotional hurricane.  Monday morning, I woke up to a super busy schedule and emotions got in the way.  I took a step back all week from social media because of it.  My promise is to always be real and authentic.  Since I know you have probably been through some trauma, here is a small part of my personal story.

21 years ago Sunday, I woke up in the morning with police officer Bob telling me my Mom had passed. My brother and I were so young. It was tragic and my world was broken. I remember thinking “how will I tell my baby brother. How will we ever survive?” I felt:

  • Abandoned
  • Angry
  • Full of blame
  • Lost 
  • Like a complete SH!T show to say the least
  • I wanted to die as I felt so alone

Survivor Mode On

Loss made me push forward, support myself, survive and keep moving. 21 years later, I am really just learning to heal and cope with the grief of losing my best friend, my Mom.

Triggers come up, blame, anger and abandonment are always feelings I will have. You eventually learn to deeply cope, feel it and then heal it. Counselling is a must because it makes you stronger.

I have surpassed my mothers age and made a life for myself that I could have never dreamed was possible.

Whatever you are going through, feeling it and walking “through” it is the only way. It hurts and it sucks but there is nothing better than wearing a badge of honour as a survivor. Keep peeling the layers of onions which are your feelings.

You have to Feel it to Heal it

My family, friends, husband and especially my kids saved me when I felt the most broken.  I met my husband two months after my Mom passed. He was sent as my guardian and healing angel.

I will honour My Mom’s life by listening to her favourite, Bob Marley, writing love notes and releasing balloons.  Thank you for your love. I hope this inspires you and your struggles.


Forget-the-Diet-Fit-Mind-TTT-Mindset-Thoughts-IconEliminate and Delegate | Trina’s Transformation Tidbits 

Imagine your life if you only focused daily on doing the things you really loved.  Question:  What’s the first thing you think of when I ask “what do you need to eliminate from your life?”

I used to crave chaos, even function my best on hard deadlines and last minute things. I did a lot of things that others needed me to do and I am definitely a recovering “people pleaser”.  Unless you want to have a heart attack from stress, make it a priority to manage time, stress and important things you really want in your life. Try this challenge:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What CAN you eliminate from your life and what do you NEED to eliminate for your health?
  • What can you delegate? *Nobody can do it as good as you but do it anyway!
  • What emotions can you get rid of that are coming up too often?
  • Observe and recognize your own self sabotaging patterns

Coach Tips:  Some things I have considered:

  • What tasks are really important?
  • What legacy do you want to leave if any?
  • Prioritize health, family, workouts, physical and mental health daily
  • What WILL you eliminate that is not related to what you love to do?
  • Make a list of what you do love
  • Make a list of things you are doing that you REALLY don’t need to do *we all know you can do it better and faster but think about what would happen if you let someone else help – I repeated this twice so you understand how IMPORTANT it is
  • Delegate, eliminate or minimally do the things you don’t love daily

It might be SCARY and confusing to do this yourself.  Jump in for a free workshop and I will walk you through it here.

Meet Meghan | 9.9 inches lost and 5 pounds

Meghan worked hard in Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness classes to gain strength and lose weight.  She was super focused and lost 9.9 inches and 5 pounds.  So proud of her success.  As a Coach, I believe slow and steady wins the race.  Faster is not always better.  Be patient and the weight will come off and your body will get stronger I promise!


Fitness-Icon-tidbitsStroller Fitness Baby Love at First Sight

We as moms have to stop putting everyone else first and come to class to take care of you.  Not only will you get fit, strong and lose the baby weight but your little ones will learn by example and maybe even meet their first true love.  Check out the Stroller Fitness baby love. You gotta watch this! Moms get fit while babies share some hand holding and first love.

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Trina xo

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