This week is juicy and full of accountability for you.  In order to eat clean, you have to prep.  Try these Four Eat Clean Tidbits, my Lemon Detox Water to cleanse your body and this daily challenge that changed my life.   If you want online accountability, join my Private Facebook Group where we keep each other accountable.  If you need to move and are local, join our  Fitness Classes.

Every Thursday, I deliver “Trina’s Transformation Tidbits” which is the best of my juicy Facebook and Instagram Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness tips.  Be sure to follow in the links below.

eat-cleanFour Eat Clean Tidbits

I recently cut out all gluten like I am a celiac for medical reasons (future blog on this later).  It’s forcing me to be super organized as I need to plan my meals so I wanted to share with you my meal prep tips that will help with health and weight loss.  It takes prep but your body will thank you.  Try these tidbits to keep you healthy, happy and lean.

Tidbit #1:  Plan Breakfast the NIGHT before

You don’t have time to find out that you have nothing to eat for breakfast because you might have slept in or hit the snooze button.  Save time and try this:

Tidbit #2:  Prep and Drink Lemon Detox Water Daily

  • Grab your water bottle and make this recipe
  • It cuts sugar cravings, helps you cut caffeine and alcohol and naturally detoxes your body
  • This Lemon Detox Water is a good place to start because it’s got a “kick” to it
  • Use a stainless steel straw to protect the enamel on your teeth

Tidbit #3:  Wash all produce and make salad dressing in a mason jar

  • Wash and prep produce in advance so it’s grab and go for snacks and meals
  • Make your own dressing all of the time in a mason jar to avoid chemicals, try this recipe

Tidbit #4:  Make Bone Broth

  • Drink bone broth daily, it can help you sleep better
  • Try my bone broth recipe – I make it in the crockpot

eat-cleanMake your Bed | Trina’s Challenge

Challenge is on.  I gave this homework to my Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness ladies.  It’s amazing how much this changed my life.  I made my bed my entire life but not everyday until 2018.  Join me in my Private Facebook Group where we keep each other accountable.


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