Three move body weight booty workout that is 15 minutes or less. Start with body weight and progress to a mini band, unweighted ball or dumbbell.  Firstly we target booty, legs, and hamstrings.  Secondly balance work which is very important for injury and fall prevention.  Finally we finish with ABS, core and upper body.  Start with the warm up and try 3-4 rounds of each exercise.  Calendar this workout and make it happen twice this week.  Last but not least, there are lots of free workouts here.


Body Weight Booty Workout | Demo Video

What you Need:

  • 15 minutes or less
  • Something to track time
  • Mat or towel
  • Water
  • Optional: add a small unweighted ball, dumbbell or anything weighted on hand
  • Trina’s Product in Video: I used a small green Bender Ball which is just a 9 inch small workout ball.  You can use a kids ball from Walmart or anywhere

Workout Instructions: Body Weight Booty Workout 

  1. Wide Knee Kick Backs x 30 seconds
  2. Single Leg Glute Press x 30 seconds *Note:  switch between right and left leg each round
  3. Knee or full toe push-ups x 30 seconds
  4. Do exercise 1, 2, 3 above for 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest, return to the top and that = one round
  5. Repeat 4 times = Total time: 8 min 45 seconds
  6. Perform each exercise through full range of motion

Trainer Trina’s Tips for Body Weight Booty Workout 

  • Consult your physician before you start
  • Always warm up first for 5-10 minutes, dynamic stretches and foam roll if possible *goal is to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury
  • Preform each rep with good form, technique, full range of motion and work within your limits
  • Type of workout:  Steady continuous flow, rest when needed
  • Take it at your own pace, start slow if you are new to fitness
  • Listen to your body
  • Never work through pain, progression is the goal
  • Never sacrifice form for speed
  • Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain
  • Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar, read How to Do this here
  • Rest days are important and stretching is a must

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Warm Up Details

  • Repeat 4x for 30 seconds each exercise by doing 1, 2, 3 with 10 sec to transition between moves
  • Repeat from the top
  • Total Time 7 min 50 seconds

#1 Run on the Spot x 30 seconds

  • Fast feet get your ankles and total body warmed up
  • As you increase the reps you can also increase the speed and intensity
  • Play around with arm positions and level changes high and low

#2 High or Low Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart
  • Start by stepping one or both feet out to the side and then return to centre, repeat on the opposite foot
  • Keep your chest tall, ABS tight and sit back into a partial squat
  • Tip:  Start with a single leg, step out to the right, back to centre and repeat on the left, eventually working up to double leg high impact jacks
  • Option: Add both arms to increase the heart rate.  As you jump out, open the arms and pretend to have a heavy resistance band to create tension in the air or add a small prop to switch from left to right hand *keep arms level
  • Trina’s Tip:  Keep pressing out on the knees to engage your glutes to avoid your knees caving inward
  • Focus on breathing through the centre of the body and relax your shoulders back and down
  • Regression:  Step one foot out at a time
  • Progression:  Step both feet out at the same time for high impact and add 1-2 pound dumbbells or small unweighted ball *avoid going heavy to prevent injury

#3 Squats with Big Arm Circles Forward / Backward x 30 seconds

  • Stand tall, hips fully extended, core tight, drop and drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes on the way up
  • Progression: add arm circles for mobility and dynamic stretching
  • Be sure to do a few forward then backward
  • Work with your range of motion, use the glutes and abs

Workout Details

  • 3 moves for 30 seconds each with 15 seconds rest
  • Do move #1 for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds then #2 and #3
  • Repeat from the top for 4 rounds total
  • Total time:  8 min 45 seconds

#1 Wide Leg Kickbacks x 30 seconds

  • High or low impact and get those arms going
  • Lean forward at the hips, keep the ABS tight to support the back
  • Reach out in front long spine, leaping side to side from left to right
  • Kick those legs back using your glutes and hamstrings – arms above the head increases the heart rate
  • Use the arms to propel you 
  • Keep a steady pace to increase the heart rate
  • Progression: Add a dumbbell or weighted ball to make it harder
  • Rest 15 seconds then repeat 3 more times = 4 rounds total


#2 Single Leg Glute Press x 30 seconds

  • Body weight only *option to: hold light dumbbell in hands or put small mini band around the thighs
  • Lean forward at the hips, keep the ABS tight to support the back
  • Note:  ABS tight, soft knee
  • Keep hips down towards the floor
  • Progression Arms: Add runner arms *pretend like you are running as you press the foot back
  • Progression Legs:  Add a small unweighted ball and keep it pressed into your hamstring.  The challenge is not to drop the ball and keep the back leg up
  • Progression:  Reach hands toward the floor by keeping a straight back and tight core
  • Rest 15 seconds then repeat 3 more times = 4 rounds total (2 on right and two on left)

One leg will feel harder than the other

body-weight-single-leg-glute press

Progression:  Work up to this slowly

#3 Knee or Full Toe Push-ups x 30 seconds

  • Start on your knees and progress to the toes as you get stronger
  • ABS tight, breathe, long spine and keep your gaze in a neutral position
  • Add a small marker or ball on the ground to hit your target.  This will help you keep the same range of motion and intensity
  • If push-ups become too much, replace with plank to finish your round or increase your rest time until you feel ready
  • Rest 15 seconds then repeat 3 more times = 4 rounds total

Knee push-up starting position


Lowering position


Full toe push-ups


In Conclusion:

Schedule this workout twice this week, you will feel so much better.  I added a mini band to moves one and two and my hamstrings and booty hurt the next day in a good way.  Let me know how it goes.  xo Trina

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