Body weight workout with a focus on ABS to target your entire body is the workout of the week.  This workout requires no equipment and includes Push Ups, slow beat Plank hold, Hip Bridge, Tricep Dips and Squat Jacks to get your heart rate pumping.  Add body weight training to your calendar for 2-3x this week.  Bookmark the page.  Warm up first and go at your own pace.  Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard. Tell us how the workout was in my private Facebook Group here for group accountability or post a comment below.  If you follow social media, be sure to hashtag me at #Fit4Females so I can find you.



Fab 5 Body Weight Workout

Start your workout with a warm up of exercises that will get your heart rate up for at least 5-10 minutes and add some dynamic stretching.  You could use a cardio machine or body weight.  Moves like jumping jacks, run on the spot, skipping ropes, side skaters, high knees, push ups and any exercise that gets your heart rate up and muscles feeling warm is great.  Listen to your body.

Trainer Trina’s Tips

  • Always warm up first, dynamic stretches and foam roll if possible *goal is to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury
  • Listen to your body, complete full range of motion
  • Never work through pain, progression is the goal
  • Don’t sacrifice form for speed
  • Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain
  • Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar
  • Rest days are important and stretching is a must

Fab 5 Body Weight Workout 5 min challenge

  • Try to get in as many rounds as possible, record them and try to beat your time as you get stronger
  • Post rounds completed in the comments below
  • Full and controlled reps and never sacrifice form for speed
  • Complete a warm up first
  • Stretch at the end of the workout

How to do the Workout

  • 5 reps each exercise
  • Repeat all 5 exercises from the top for 5 minutes non stop
  • Repeat two rounds if you are feeling good after the first round
  • It’s a lot harder than it looks!
  • Incorporate good breathing to intensify the moves

Fab 5 Challenge Move #1

5 Pushups on toes or knees *More advanced progress to dive bombers or diamond pushups

Fab 5 Challenge Move #2

5 sec slow beat Plank hold *Belly tight and really strong through the core.

Progression: plank jack focus on strength and recruiting muscles, don’t just hold it, really focus and count slowly

Fab 5 Challenge Move #3

5 Hip bridge either double or single leg *5 each side if singles, face up and thrust hips towards ceiling

Progression:  Single leg hip bridge

Fab 5 Challenge Move #4

5 Tricep Dips Incline Plank hold progression from bridge to straight legs

Find your incline plank and slowly lower your hips to the floor into a half tricep dip keeping elbows tight and wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked – do not pull away from shoulders

Incline Plank Beginner Position *drop hips to 1/2 tricep dip


Advanced Progression:  Full Incline Plank


Fab 5 Challenge Move #5

5 Squat Jacks low or high impact *squat low and pop up into a jack feet together repeat

I can’t wait to hear how you like it. Now you have to decide when you are doing this workout?  Let me know below.  Until next time!


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