Resolutions don’t work.   You know that because you’ve set many in the passed and you have felt like you failed.  I’ve got three “resolutions” that you can actually accomplish.   You perform your best when you feel successful.  Routines and rituals are what make that happen.  Our Fitness Classes kick off this Saturday, January 5 at 8:45am with HIIT Camp.  Stop saying you’re going to do it and join some fitness classes with an amazing group of women.  Check out the classes here.

lose-weight-mindsetThree Resolutions that you can actually accomplish

To achieve any goal or resolution, you have to plan and take action.  As you head into 2019, here are 3 things I know will make you feel successful. We are creatures of habit.   We don’t have to think about habits, we just do them as they come naturally after they have been practised.  Discipline and motivation don’t need to show up if you have healthy habits.  You can’t do everything so start here:


Tidbit #1:  Top 3

  • Pick 3 things you want to accomplish every day that are small and achievable. i.e.: drink two full water bottles, have a walk & make your bed.
  • Keep them simple so that when you complete them you feel SO SUCCESSFUL
  • Write them out daily and repeat them for the next 90 days
  • Your Top 3 can be different or the same to build a habit

Tidbit #2:  Get outside for 10-20 minutes a day

Tidbit #3:  Plan Workouts & make them happen

If you want to dive deep, read this 3 Tips To Quit Your Excuses and How to Start


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