How to lose weight is a struggle for many.  It doesn’t have to be. I am sharing the first steps of how I lost 20 pounds, 7% body fat and tons of inches.  If your life and priorities have spiralled out of control, you are falling into bad habits (wine, sugar, carbs, not exercising), taking care of everyone else, not fitting into your clothes, embarrassed because you don’t recognize yourself – read on my friend.  The first “how to lose weight” step is setting a hard why.

How to Lose Weight? Start here!

I am going to address #1: set your why, #2 Better Boundaries and #3 Non negotiables.  All 3 are need to lose weight, body fat, inches and stress.

I received this very honest email and it set me off because I know I can help you feel better as soon as you are ready.  Can you relate?

  • “Hello!  I am so out of shape since a long time, but specifically after having my daughter 2 years ago. The stress of life has made me fall into bad habits of wine at night and feeling tired and sluggish the rest of the time.

  • I need a change, I don’t recognize myself anymore. I’m hoping I can find something that works for me, I’ve failed with online before, looking to get out and have me time while getting healthy at the same time.

Ready for a change but don’t know where to start?  Here we go champ.

Get Honest with yourself

I relate to that email!  It’s easy to get motivated at first when you start something new.  Soon thereafter, you will be distracted by life and you need a real “Why.”

In 2017, my life spiralled out of control medically and in business.  I was not putting myself first and it ended with a Brain Biopsy April, 2019. Get really honest with how you are spending your time.

  • I was putting my kids, husband, clients and Fit4Females first before my health.
  • Consistent workouts, meditation, me time, down time, boundaries what? NOPE!
  • Then it all changed because I took charge of my time and set hard boundaries.
  • I lost 20 pounds, 7% body fat and tons of inches.

#1 Set your Why

What is the reason you want to make changes?  Why do you want to fit into the pants? Dig deep down. How important is losing weight to you?  Working out but why? How to lose weight is the easy part, setting your why is harder. Get clear.
  • Why are you setting these boundaries and non negotiables?
  • You need a “why” to keep you going when you flunk, fail, stop and give up.
  • Write this out and go back to your why every time you slack off *oh yes you will!

Trina’s Why

  • Making my health a priority for my 3 kids.
  • Workouts are not for my body, it’s for mental sanity.
  • Looking good is not enough to get me out of bed.
  • It’s to cope with serious stress, not yell at my kids, remind myself that I can crush life, goals and live healthier.
  • Say it with me. Boundaries, boundaries boundaries.

#2 Better Boundaries Protect your Why

Burnout, resentment and exhaustion is where you are headed if you continue to say yes to everything and everyone. Once you practice hard boundaries, you will have more time, feel so productive, finally be caring for yourself and having more time to do what you love.
  • Set HARD boundaries for yourself.
  • More No’s become the opportunity for more yes’s!
  • Write down your “Why”
  • What are you craving that you do not have right now or aren’t doing enough of?
  • What are your daily and weekly non negotiables?
  • WHY do you need to reduce wine, sugar, foods that are not serving you and workout?
  • How can you make workouts happen?
  • What time will you finally go to bed?
  • Say no to anything that is not serving your main goals *this is hard but possible.

My children are my why, what’s yours?

how-to-lose-weight-kids and trina

#3 Non Negotiables

  • Write down and create hard appointments with yourself.
  • What are you not willing to sacrifice or negotiate when it comes to your mental, physical and emotional self?
  • Get writing so it becomes clear.
  • Take mini steps daily and weekly that will rock your world in a positive way
  • Create a list of daily non negotiables.
  • Create a list of weekly non negotiables.

Trina’s Daily Non Negotiables

I’m sharing my non negotiables to inspire you to build yours.  Which would help you?
  1. Make the bed *this creates momentum and if you do nothing else all day, you feel successful
  2. Move daily *workout, stretch, walk, dance *try this Shoulder, ABS & Booty Shredder workout
  3. Schedule Top 3 every night before bed, read how to do this here
  4. Morning routine before bed so I can be calmer for my kids and myself, here is how to do this
  5. Keep stress to a minimum *refocus how I think about stress and process it
  6. As much family time as I can get, even in small spurts

Trina’s Weekly Non Negotiables

  1. Workouts 4-5x / week
  2. Meditate minimum 5x / week
  3. Healthy made at home meals, here is how I meal plan
  4. Meal Prep Sundays & plan for the week, here is how I do this
  5. Lots of time with my kids and husband because health and love is a top priority


Until next time…

What is your “Why?”  Put it on your mirror, on a post it.  When I feel like skipping a workout, I go back to my why.  Set your daily nonnegotiables, it might be as simple as drinking water.  Finally, set your weekly non negotiables.  Don’t be the person that reads all of my Tips and Tidbits and does NOTHING. You…
  • Deserve better.
  • Are able of change.
  • Want more time.
  • Deserve to be happy and reduce stress.

The tips above will get you there.  Until next week, you are a ROCK STAR and we got this.  If you want a little more, sign up for my FIT Insider News, I would love to share with you.

Trina Medves xoxoxo
#1 Fitness Instructor in Canada


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