Simple meal plan tips is what I did a Live Coaching session on Instagram and Facebook here.  Make sure you are following me!  Our Fit4Females Community told me they struggle not having time, not knowing what to cook, how to cook healthy and where to start.  Simply put, these three simple steps will make cooking and meal planning much easier.  Take action and decide to start right now so you can be a meal planning rockstar.  Get the notifications of my free Live Sessions here.

simple meal prep3 Simple Meal Plan Tips “Live Coaching”

Live 20 minute real time Mini Coaching session with me addressing three simple tips to make more meals at home and spend less on take out.  If you love real time training, grab a pen and paper, play the video and write down what stands out for you. If you love to read, all of the meal planning tidbits are posted below too.

  • Time an issue?
  • Too exhausted?
  • Not wanting to cook?
  • Don’t know what to cook?
  • I got you!
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#1 Pen and Paper or Whiteboard for Meal Planning

  • Start with a whiteboard or paper to list the meals you want to eat
  • My whiteboard was purchased for $4.00 at Dollarama
  • Whiteboards rock because visually everyone will know what to expect for dinner *amazing if you have kids
  • The act of writing  solves issue like “what to cook, not having ingredients on hand” and forces you to “actually do it”
  • It’s not enough to have Pinterest boards and plan “in your head”. Check out my Pinterest recipes here
  • Write down your meals for the week on this board but first… on to step two

#2 Make Your List & Brain Dump all Meals you enjoy

  • First a dump list *dump all meal ideas you love *my staples are Mushroom Gluten Free Pho Soup, Chia Jars with homemade jam, Chicken Taco Soup, Salads with honey mustard dressing, Turkey Sausage Soup and Chicken bone broth, caesar salad
  • Look on Pinterest for Ideas
  • Second, once you see your meal dump list, decide what is realistic for your week meal plan
  • Third, pick 3-5 meals to prep for the week and write them on your board
  • Plan for one meatless meal and a “left over” day
  • Warning: Look at your calendar and make sure you have time on that day to cook.  Don’t pick a busy day to make a complicated meal
  • Lastly, itemize every ingredient you need:  Make a grocery list *I use the reminder list on my iPhone and name it “Groceries” update it as soon as you run out of an ingredient

#3 Prep and Batch Cook

  • Cook, make, chop or hire someone to do it all!
  • If you can afford it, hire a chef!
  • Use your crockpot or instapot / pressure cooker like I do and get the kids to help
  • Think of meals that will double for other meals
  • When I make my Taco Soup for Monday, some of those items will double up for my Sweet Potato Nachos on Wednesday
  • Chicken Soup will double up for chicken quesadillas
  • Set aside a couple hours on a day and it will free you up for the rest of the week
  • This is what I do when I batch cook Sundays, read more here

In conclusion, grab a whiteboard or paper, dump ideas on the list and pick 3-5 you want this week and prep. It helps if you pick a day or two to commit to this.  Eventually it will be a habit and your body will thank you by shedding fat and stress due to all of your hard work.

xo Trina Medves

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