Daily routines are critical for weight loss, nutrition planning and happiness.  Stop dreading Mondays by setting yourself up Sunday for the week.  I bet you feel overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed.  Tons of people tell me this daily on social media, in Coaching and through email.  Finally some great tidbits to create better daily routines for you. These exact routines is how I was able to lose body fat, weight, gain muscle and time. Challenge:  I’ve launched a free accountability challenge with Fitness, Food and Wellness tips.  Click here to get on the list and I will email you details and take actions.

Daily Routines with Coach Trina

Daily routines and rituals are a must to help you succeed with fitness, food and stress reduction.  First, pick one of my routines to practice any day of the week.  Second, leave me a comment below with any of your routine tips to help those of us that struggle. Finally, write down some things that will make your day or week go smoother.

6 Routines I practice on Sundays

Planing these goals on Sunday, sets the week with a bang.  It will make you finally enjoy Mondays.

  1. Family and ME time
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Grocery Shopping
  4. Workout of course
  5. Schedule Top 3 for Monday *done daily
  6. Meditate

1. Family and YOU Time

  • Plan something outdoors if possible *we did a bike ride
  • This is critical for you to play and shut down your brain
  • All devices and technology shut off
  • Do something that brings you pure joy and smiles

My daughter wanted to workout with me after our bike ride


2. Meal Planning

  • Plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2-3 days in advance *with 3 kids, this is super important for us
  • Write down what you are eating on a list
  • Keep a reminder list on your phone for grocery items needed
  • Dive a little deeper here on how I set up my Meal Prep

3. Grocery Shopping

Watch this Video for Shopping Tidbits

4. Workout and move your body regularly

  • Movement releases the happy hormone “serotonin” and gives you an amazing happy high
  • This is a non-negotiable in my life because “I train for my sanity”
  • Tell those around you when it’s happening.  My attitude:  Do not disturb me or else!
  • Here are workouts you can do quickly at home

Download this workout and do it champ!

5. Schedule Top 3 for Monday *done daily

  • Look at your calendar, think ahead about over scheduled appointments, tasks and what can be moved around
  • Plan your Top 3 most important to do’s here is how I do it
  • If you have TONS of To Do’s, map them out on days you have time
  • To Do’s need a place to go and a scheduled time to complete or they are not important and not happening
  • Ask yourself every Sunday “what is my routine to set me up for the week ahead”

6. Meditate

  • Confession:  I was NOT always good at this despite coaching every client to do it *I am a Type A, busy mind and task oriented and overachiever, a recovering people pleaser so I really have to make it happen
  • I’m on an 88 day streak of meditating daily *start with 5-10 minutes a day
  • Your mind will be super busy at first, no worries keep at it
  • I use the Calm app because it keeps me accountable *it’s free
  • Quiet time / meditation makes you WAY less stressed, helps with sleep and fat loss
  • Find a quiet spot *I love nature, my bed and on the floor


Final Thoughts

What do you struggle with most right now, I would love to know below.

Trina xo

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