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Get Motivated and Make Time for Workouts  3 Tidbits

If you love video, tune in below.  I have recapped the most important Tidbits if you prefer reading.  Start now to create more time and motivation for workouts. First is “Time Management Momentum”.  Second is “Make Time”.  Third is “Create Motion”.

#1 Time Management Momentum

Get motivated by finding and creating time by breaking down your calendar.  Let’s take a look at what you spend and waste time on.  Practice these tidbits to make them a habit.

Calendar review

  • Pick apart your calendar for the next week
  • If you are not calendaring, start now
  • You can’t make the time to workout or be motivated when you are wasting time or say you have no time at all


  • What tasks are you doing on a daily basis and how long are they taking you?  Track this and get honest with your time.
  • Can you delegate or eliminate any tasks?

Cut Time Wasters *TW’s

Identify where you are wasting your time with TW’s for example, social media, Netflix, commuting, grocery shopping that could possibly be done online instead.
  • Eliminate: Can you eliminate or delegate any TW’s?
  • Create rules:  Before opening your phone in the morning to social media, do this morning ritual first and schedule your Top 3 Goals for the day.  I love instagram and Facebook but they can be a time sucker.  Set limits.  Protect your time like a mama bear protects her cub.

Time Wasters Action List

  1. Make a list of your time suckers *what do you waste time on?
  2. Schedule and set a time for when you are going to engage in those “time sucker tasks”
  3. Get rid of the time suckers that are not productive or enhancing your life

7 Day Calendar Tracker Challenge

For one week, track your time with everything you are doing.
  • What are you spending time on beginning to end?
  • Time track everything you do and make sure to add it to your calendar *this take is a game changer!
Overworking yourself?  Do you love being “busy” and in a constant state of “doing”.  Let’s find time to get busy working out.

#2 Make Time

  • Notice I didn’t say “find time”.  You have to make time.  Once you make the time and do the action, you will get motivated.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to move or workout daily even if it’s just ten minutes
  • No time? Pick what’s least important and cut it out of your daily routine or rearrange it to have more time to move
  • Schedule the workout as an appointment  – click here to download my free 10 minute workout

#3 Create Motion 

The simple act of motion will get you motivated.  This means “doing it and moving your body”.  Create motion regardless of how much time you have.  You will feel good when you are in motion.  Motion will make you want to do more which will motivate you.
  • Motion makes you feel happy
  • Your brain will crave more
  • Move your body by being disciplined (doing it because you know it’s good for you) will make you motivated
  • Motion will create the habit
  • Habits are something you do without “thinking” about it so it becomes easy


In Conclusion

To wrap it up, stick to these three steps only.  Start with one item you think you can accomplish right away. Final reminder, when you create a habit, you don’t need to be motivated.  You will just do it without needing to feel motivated. Get notice here for my free Live Trainings with workouts, recipes and so much more.  Until next week, take action and create motion.

xo Trina Medves

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