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Aging Hack for Skin

There is one simple anti aging hack that you can do every day to look younger.  Even mildly dehydrated, the lines around your eyes, mouth and any age spots are more apparent. So drink up as part of your anti aging routine and rid the dehydration lines. Start with half of your body weight in ounces. Drinking pop and too much caffeine? Water first and then your pop or coffee.  If you are trying to kick a habit, it takes time so be kind.

Try two parts water and one part of your “not so ideal” drink.  Don’t crack your can or pour another coffee until you drink lots of water.


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3 Simple Meal Plan Tips 

I asked our Community “what are your excuses with food and prep”.  I got tons of responses like:
  • “No time”
  • “Too tired”
  • “Too busy”
  • “Not motivated”
  • “Messy fridge not organized”
  • “Hate cooking and prep”
  • “No idea where to start and then I just don’t do it”

I hear your struggles.  Unless you hire out or are rich and famous, you must do these 3 Simple Meal Planning tips consistently.  Meal Tip # 1: Grab a pen and paper or a whiteboard.  We are going to dump ideas, watch more in this video, It’s a live training, grab a healthy drink, pen and paper and let’s do this.

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Less than Motivated?

Struggling to workout and be consistent? Don’t wait for motivation to show up.  As a result, you must practice discipline which is the act of doing it when you don’t want to do it. Make  yourself do it because it’s good for you. Don’t wait to be motivated to workout, go for a walk, eat better or do anything.  Challenge:  Move your body for 10 minutes today any way that you can.

  • Discipline will lead to healthy habits
  • Do it because it’s good for you
  • Make it happen
  • Do it when you are tired, even though you don’t have time, money or your kids and family is keeping you busy – do it anyway
  • Move your body today!
  • Make movement in your body CONSISTENT.

Meet me live  every week here or catch the replay. If you have any questions, struggles or anything you want answers to, hit me up and I will get you solutions.

xo Trina Medves

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