Not losing weight?  The biggest problem for weight loss is consistency and commitment.  You know you need to exercise more, eat better, drink more water and less alcohol, pop and sugar.  You know this, but you are not consistent.  This week your focus is move your body and fuel properly after.  I’ve trained thousands of women that have this exact problem.  You are struggling committing and being consistent.  First is a free workout for you and second is my favourite post workout snack, Chocolate Protein Muffins here.

Not Losing Weight? This is why:

Unless there is a medical condition, your biggest problem with workouts and weight loss is consistency.  You and I don’t get results if we are not consistent.  It’s not easy to continue repeating workouts when life gets in the way.  Stress plays a big part of belly fat.  See what you can do this week to reduce stress, move more and reduce sugar.

Start losing weight with these Tidbits:

  • Fitness: Shoulder, ABS and Booty workout video here
  • Food Fuel: Post workout Chocolate Muffin Recipe here.
  • Be committed
  • Write down when you have time to workout
  • Put the workout in your calendar
  • Drink more water today
  • Be consistent
  • Repeat this every day
  • Schedule a workout, start with this FREE Workout here
  • Try FREE Class in Studio with our incredible community

butts-gutts-iconFitness: Shoulder, ABS & Booty Shredder – Video

Try this workout for shoulders, ABS & booty with this shredder challenge.  Fitness is a big part of weight loss but an even bigger part of managing stress and being happy with your body, workout video here. The key is that you have to be consistent.


banana-muffins-iconFood: Chocolate Post Workout Muffins – Video

Food is fuel.  You must create a better relationship with what goes into your body because it’s not a garbage can.  Avoid rewarding it with food that is healthy and makes you feel good long term.  I created a recipe video of these Chocolate Protein Muffins. They are a great post workout snack with healthy fats, sugar and carbs, read more here.


To finish up strong, you can create consistency with practice.  It won’t happen overnight because bad habits are like old blankets.  They feel oh so good.  Talk to yourself as though you are working out regularly.  Talk as though you have accomplished that “thing” you so badly want to do.

xo Trina Medves

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