Are you stressed for time?  Stop and incorporate my 3 Ways to Immediately Find More Time in your very busy schedule.  We are about to get real and talk about the big T!  Time and time suckers.  I really struggled with the “I don’t have time syndrome”.  I would say “I’m so busy” and the less time I would have.  In the last 24 hours I have listened to numerous people complaining and wishing they “had more time, wishing they could come to more classes and making every excuse in the book about not having any time for much”.  It comes down to Time Management.

 3 Ways to Immediately Find More Time

If you’ve ever had complaints about running around, getting caught in the same every day rat race, doing everything for everybody else or saying “I’m too busy”, then I have the solutions 4 you.  First you have to realize that time is not just going to appear and all the sudden you have so much time you don’t know what to do with it. You have to make it happen.

 Tip #1 Replace I’m too busy with It’s Not Important to me

What you repeat to yourself becomes a reality so if you’re saying “I don’t have time” you’re going to attract more busy and less time to make yourself a priority.  Time is available for you so let’s look at the things that are important to you. The first thing we’re going to do is replace the vocabulary.
If your health and fitness is not important to you and this is something on the bottom of your list we need to bring it back up to the top of the list.  Once your health is taken away you will wish you had made the time so let’s make this a top priority on our list of what IS important to you.
  1. What things do you wish you had more time for?
  2. Are you busy doing the things you actually love?
  3. What are you busy doing daily?

Tip #2 Identify your “Time Suckers” TS’s

Grab a pen and paper and dump every answer that comes to mind.  Don’t over think it.  Ask yourself  these questions before you suffer from burn out:

  • What are you saying yes too?
  • Is there anything you can say no to?
  • Is there anything you can delegate?
  • Are you wasting too much time on social media? If so set time blocks
  • Where can you find 10 extra minutes in your day?
  • Can you schedule time aside for yourself?
  • Is it possible that you’re taking on too many tasks?
  • Take a close look at your calendar and really start calendaring things that are important to you
  • Schedule blocks of time for your workout, a walk, meal planning, social media.  Add everything as an appointment to your calendar and take the list from Tip #1 above of what’s important.
  • What can you put on hold?

Tip #3 Identify one thing have you been putting off and want to accomplish

  • Write down something that you really want to accomplish or you wish you had more time for
  • What will be the payoff will be if you accomplish that one thing?
  •  What do you need to put aside or do to make this one thing happen
  • Start being a master of your OWN calendar
  • Set a date for when you want to accomplish this one thing
  • Schedule action steps in your calendar to make it happen
Don’t forget to put your air mask for because you’re no good to anybody else and less you prioritize yourself and your life priorities.  I would love to hear form you.
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Thanks so much for all the love – Trina Medves
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