As a Coach, I want to share valuable information with you to better your life.  In my F4F FIT Insider I dish out real time updates, recipes and tips related to Fitness, Coaching, Nutrition, Life and Wellness.  You can sign up here for updates.  This weeks Transformation Tidbits is all about breaking your bad habits by tackling them head on.  I am sharing suggestions on how to change your habits, showing you real time footage of me changing mine, sharing lots of free advice in my Private Facebook Group, attacking triggers to your bad habits and sharing a peek inside our fitness classes.  All of the action happens on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow daily.  Here is a quickie recap of the best of the best so you can stay in the know. 

Breaking Habits | It’s Not Easy

When it comes to breaking a habit, it becomes difficult because there is an emotional component that is attached to the habit.  Once you make the decision that you need to change the habit, write it down and list any triggers that make you want to give into that habit.  Pen to paper will make you accountable and easier for change.

In my example, I’m trying to save money and time by making more coffee at home.  My triggers are:

  • Getting out of the house
  • Having somebody else do something for me because I’m always taking care of everyone else
  • I love the social aspect of chatting with the barista girls
  • It tastes much better than when I make it myself
  • The feel of the warm cup gets me every time

Attacking your Habit Triggers 

Identifying your triggers head on are key to success. Using my example, here are some things I am working on to make more coffee at home:

  • My coffee and filter is within site on my counter daily for a reminder
  • I track how much money and time I was spending for a visual
  • Each coffee I make at home is money saved in a jar for a visual high five for myself
  • These simple acts made me reduce from buying 14 lattes a week to only 3 that I bought out *I order a latte with one long shot of espresso made with coconut milk twice daily so it gets pricey!

Here is my real time update on my habit honesty!

Meet Nicole | 11 pounds lost

So proud of our Member Nicole and we always want to share stories of people just like you.  11 pounds gone and now she’s got a body of muscle. Does anyone need a reminder to take care of themselves?  Make health and fitness a priority this year!

Q: What improvements and changes have you made both physically and mentally since joining Fit4Females?

Nicole: “Since I started, I am down 11 pounds, I am the strongest I have ever been, I feel fantastic, and I have the energy to keep up with my little guy.  Being a new mom wasn’t an easy transition for me, I forgot to take care of myself. Fit4Females reminded me that I’m important too, and taking care of myself is not selfish – it’s necessary.”

Way to often we forget to spend the money, time and energy on the most important project in our life – OURSELVES.  Read more here 


Kicking Booty in Fitness Class

Our classes are always in session and booming with our Stroller Fit, nessBoot Camp and HIIT Camps.  Here is a snap shot of the good, the bad and the sweaty goddesses!  Come and try a FREE class and see why we are the #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club in our area.

  • Our community of women is waiting for you to join us!
  • No judgment at Fit4Females
  • You don’t need to do it all
  • Remember to take care of yourself!

You can always find more private videos and transformation tips on Instagram and Facebook and I hope you are enjoying the highlights!

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