We officially won Best Women’s Only Fitness Club.  Fit4Females just received the 2017 Platinum Award for #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club in our Area.  We are so lucky to have received a total of seven awards in the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards!  Fit4Females celebrates 10 years in Business transforming the lives of thousands of women in Stroller Fitness, Women’s Only Boot Camp, Online Training, Nutrition, Wellness and Weight Loss.  I am so grateful to my Team of Leaders, volunteers and Members.

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We have an incredible Team of Leaders and Members. Our Community is only getting stronger. What an honour! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who voted and supported us! Try a free class on US!

7 Awards in the Hamilton Spectator for Best…

Fitness Club Women’s Only (Platinum 1st Place)
Pilates (Platinum 1st Place)
Boot Camp (Gold 3rd Place)
Weight Control Services (Gold 3rd Place)
Gives Back to the Community (Top Ten)
Fitness Instructor – Trina Medves (Top Ten)
Life Coach – Trina Medves (Top Ten)

A Personal Thank you From Me!

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 Transformations by Fit4Females

Meet Shelly: Her life completely fell apart and here is what she says….Read her story here:

Meet Vanessa:  Mini steps like changing your toast and cereal for smoothies can help with weight loss. Free recipes and Stroller Fitness helped this Mama transform with one of our free recipe giveaways. READ THIS

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