Fit4Females is all about supporting your fitness, nutrition and wellness journey. Vanessa talks about how just 4 weeks into her Fitness Journey at Fit4Females she has lost weight.  She downloaded our Free 5 Save the Cow smoothies before joining and is feeling amazing from breakfast changes.

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Meet Vanessa | Breakfast Smoothies at Fit4Females

“My name is Vanessa and I started at Fit4Females just four weeks ago.  Before I started with the program, I wasn’t really taking care of myself.  I was eating toast and cereal for breakfast every morning and every time I had a free second between dealing with my two kids I was just kind of shoving carbs into my mouth.”

“Freebies on Social Media is How I started”

“I had seen a lot of Fit4Females material on social media and I signed up to receive Trina’s Save the Cow Smoothie Recipes.  I started doing that about a week before I joined and I already I notice a difference.  Started with losing a little bit of weight and just feeling better about what I was putting in my body.
I started with the classes and I told myself I’m going to commit to two or three classes a week.  The first week I did three classes, the second week I did three classes and now I’ve just made it a part of my life.  It’s only four weeks in but I’m feeling really good, I’m feeling a lot better about what I’m putting in my body, I’m feeling stronger and inspired by Trina and the other Instructors.  I’m feeling motivated to keep going and I’m super happy with my experience so far.”

Q:  What would you say to other people that can relate to your situation?

“I would say just try it.  I have done exercise classes here and there in the past and I’ve been a member of a gym but I’ve never really committed.  There’s just something about the Fit4Females classes that make you feel inspired.  You relate to the women a lot.  If you are a Mom, you can especially relate to the moms in the Stroller Fitness classes.  I’m really enjoying just being with other women who are in the same situation as me.
I tried it and now I just feel motivated to be here so I would say just try it and implement little tiny things to make positive changes.  Start small like having smoothies instead of a bowl of cereal and then go from there.  Start with one class a week to three and then just keep going!” – Vanessa Manning, Member of Fit4Females

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