Here are my healthy meal prep ideas and recipes for weight loss, getting or staying lean and eating healthy with a family.  As a busy Mom of 3, I am sharing my Meal Prep, Shopping Tips and recipes to help make your life a little easier. Food, fitness and feeling good is most important. There are lots of recipes below and what I do to stay lean.  If you want an all done for you plan, check out the 28 Day Shape Up Program.

Healthy Meal Prep ahead is the Key to Weight Loss

Are you struggling with healthy eating and meal prep? Watch this for ideas.


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Trina’s Healthy Meal Prep Tips

These are the things I do in my real life with my three children.  This is exactly the Food part of how I stay lean and how I reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Batch shop and cook on Sunday – 5 routines you can do, read more here *pick a day that works for you
  • Recruit anyone you live with that will be eating too
  • Make a white board or paper list of meals you want to eat
  • Dedicate a “left over” day
  • Make a grocery list *I use the reminder list on my iPhone and name it “Groceries” update it as soon as you run out of an ingredient
  • If cooking for others in the home, get their opinion to reduce the stress of planning
  • Do 3 meatless meals a week for savings and for better overall health
  • Make bone broth once a week *the health benefits are incredible and it is said to help you sleep better
  • Do my 4 Eat Clean Tips challenge here

Healthy Meals and Recipes

In conclusion, you got this!  Try one of these recipes above and plan four dinners this week.  Make your list, check your ingredients, shop, chop and prep.  Let me know how you do.  I always hold my clients accountable and I’m doing the same for you as my reader.  Comment below and find me all over social.

xo Trina Medves

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