Best weight loss tips are to put yourself first. You know exactly what you need to do.  Are you surprised when I tell you “drink more water, schedule workouts and make them happen and eat more foods from the earth and less from a box?”  Chances are you know what to do but you are not doing it.  Too many things are getting in the way like work, kids, family, school, life and emotions.  The internet is flooded with “best weight loss tips” but nobody teaches you how to climb out of the weeds of your crazy emotions and brain.  Here are some Tidbits to do just that and lose a little or a lot of weight.

Best Weight Loss Tip: Put yourself first

Let’s start here.  You rock! You are capable of:

  • Losing the weight you want
  • Getting the job you want
  • Having great relationships
  • Making healthy meals
  • Working out consistently
  • Finally making yourself a priority

Accept where you are at right now and make some changes. Get rid of your current problems by making changes.  Your mindset affects everything.

Too much alcohol, sugar, reaching for carbs when you are stressed and tired? Taking care of everyone else? Fit4Females is here for you.

As a Coach and Mom of three I know what it’s like to put yourself last. You do NOT need to lose the weight before you start. Do it now.

Can you relate? Send me a DM, I want to help you.

Two Best Weight Loss Tips to Climb out of the “Mindset Weeds”

Tip #1 Get Real

  • Write down has you frustrated *don’t hold back, there is no judgement here, it’s just a note to yourself and nobody else needs to see it.
  • What are all of the thoughts you feel?
  • How it is affecting your behaviour?
  • What is holding you back from workouts?
  • What are the triggers and a general dump list of everything you feel around the situation?
  • Schedule a workout #1) start with this FREE Workout here or a FREE Class in Studio with our incredible community

Tip #2 Be the Coach

  • Look at the get real dump list and identify what advice you would give to someone else after reading it?
  • What are some points that can you do to gain ground and deal with the situation in the present time?
  • What changes can you make to improve your current situation?
  • Focus on the positive and NOT the negative ?or you will get more of it
  • Join a supportive community like Fit4Females, reach out to a friend and find accountability to keep you on track
  • Try these 4 Simple Tips to Shape Up and Lose Weight

To finish strong, all of this reading and my Tidbits are epic but you have to put them into action.  What one thing that I said really stands out for you that you need to start doing now?  Everything you have done before today doesn’t matter, it only matters what you start doing today to create better habits.

xo Trina Medves

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