I am sharing my Costco shopping tips, tidbits to lower your expectations in yourself and others, gratitude work and our 11 year anniversary Boot Camp celebration for charity.  It is my mission to inspire you with stories, fitness tips and Tidbits of information to transform your life, health and ultimately make you feel better about yourself.  Each week I dish out Trina’s Transformation Tidbits in videos and a recap on my Blog here.  If you enjoy reading, I add quickie tidbits below as well as video if that’s your jam.    

food-is-fuel-food-iconCostco Shopping Tips with my Hot Husband

Take a look inside my Costco shopping Cart and my quickie tidbits on food.  You even get a peak of my handsome husband giving you his favourite “toilet paper brand” that is good on the tush.  As you shop, remember that products can look almost exactly alike but they are not created equal.  Read your labels closely and pick items from your country first.  We live in Canada so we purchase Canadian items first. 

Quickie Shopping Tidbits:  

  • The tomatoes were labelled almost exactly the same and it’s hard to spot the difference unless you look closely.  Same packaging but one was from Canada and the other from Mexico.  I chose Canada
  • The “organic” label doesn’t mean it was swimming wild in the sea, the animal was roaming free in the pastures or that it was grass fed.  It could mean that it ate “organic feed” of any kind, it was farmed fish, fed organic feed or organic beef that was given corn or grain feed. 
  • Look for “grass fed” meat whenever possible
  • Choose “wild fish” over farmed fish when possible
  • Lower your consumption of meat to be able to afford better quality meat

Forget-the-Diet-Fit-Mind-TTT-Mindset-Thoughts-IconLower your expectations of yourself and others  

Stress and high expectations are not good for your health.  My 6 month medical journey has me frustrated, on a new journey, modifying my life and workouts and I have been resistant.  I had to lower my expectations in myself.  My non negotiables are my mental and physical health.  They are at the top of my list along with my emotional health. This girl needs to move daily, whether it be a walk, weights, yoga or whatever.  You need to do the same.

Lower your expectations of ourself and others.  Permission to take a pause and embrace the challenge and journey you are on.  Stop fighting it champ, it’s gonna happen so it might as well happen with you focusing on “embracing” rather than “resisting”. 

Q:  What is your non negotiable? 

Q: What do you need to do every day to feel sane and healthy? 

Fitness is a necessity for my mental health and wellness.  Next time you think it’s a luxury, remind yourself that fitness is like taking a shower and I’m pretty sure you need to do that every day or so.  

Gratitude Work | I’m so impatient!

Trina’s Best Daily Tidbit:  You can’t be a grump if you are grateful.  Write down 3 things that you are grateful for right now! It doesn’t take long so do it now before stress hits you for your day.  None of us are perfect and in order not to focus on being behind or our shortcomings, we need gratitude to remind us that we are amazing. 

Trainer Confession:  I’m a type A, Capricorn super impatient, I want everything yesterday and I’m bossy.  Those could be positives and negatives.  Learn to really get to know yourself and embrace it

Grateful for your health?  Do something active, eat something healthy, drink more water, move your body or do something for to improve your health. 

Grateful for family?  Tell them, shut down your device and spend more time with them. 

You get the idea.  Now watch this.   

I made the Canadian Fitness Professionals Magazine!

What an honour to be featured in the Canadian Fitness Professionals Magazine (canfitpro) as a Women Who Influences the World.  I got to speak on stage as a Trailblazer with some of the most amazing and powerful women at the canfitpro Women Who Influence Luncheon (big honour).  You have a gift to share your story to empower others.  The difficult experiences make you who you are.  I spoke about my hero, my tragedy and how that changed my life.  I will share more on that in another post soon.  Whatever you are currently going through or have been through, it’s going to make you strong so you can be better.  Face it head on.

11 Year Anniversary Party – Details here

Fit4Females is celebrating 11 years of business on Thursday, June 7 at 8pm.  We are running a Karma Boot Camp class for charity and I would for you to come.  It’s a $10 donation details here

Thanks for reading! 

Come back often to check my new updates or get them in real time on my FIT Tidbit News.


Trina xo

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