Excuses, I haven’t worked out in 6 weeks.  You know that feeling when you know you need to do something but you don’t?  Fear and the thought of letting ourselves or others down can cripple us to take the first step in getting started.  That was me today and guess what?  The only person you are letting down is you by not trying or starting.  Failing is when you quit.  Getting started and stopping just means you need to be a little more disciplined and accountable with yourself. Fear Stops us but NOT TODAY CHAMP!

Right now is when you need to get back to a routine, commit to fitness and your health.  This major health scare has brought my health priorities to an all time high. It shouldn’t take a serious situation to force us to take care of ourselves and prioritize that never ending to do list.


Excuses & what to do when you don’t want to workout

My Confession and Anxiety:  I haven’t worked out since July 24 because I took a 5 week Europe and France vacation with my family.  We walked everywhere daily and climbed a tons of stairs.  When I returned, I told myself I would ease back into it and guess what… I DIDN’T.  Why?  Excuses like…”medical appointments, treatment, it’s summer, the kids are home and I was entertaining my brother who I haven’t seen in 3 years”.  He stayed at my house for 10 days and it was right after I came home from our trip.  Excuses.  Sound familiar?  You know what happened when I kept putting it off:
  • I was moody, stressed, impatient, exhausted and had less patience
  • I made excuses that “I don’t need to workout, I will do it next week when he leaves, I don’t have time, oh well who cares
  • The longer it took, the more anxiety I had about getting back into it and the more I convinced myself it was no big deal

Answer this for yourself:

  • Are you putting yourself first and making health a priority?
  • Are you scared to get started because you are stuck in your comfort zone, don’t have the money or time, everyone else needs you?  “INSERT YOUR EXCUSES HERE” because we are full of them
  • Where can you make time for it?
  • What is the payoff when you actually get started and commit?.  How will you feel?

How to Get Started

  • Whatever you are putting off, just do it right now
  • Just get started
  • Take the first baby step and set a mini goal
  • Take action
  • Keep putting one foot in front of the other
  • Repeat! Everything will fall into place and magically improve
  • Tell someone, an accountability buddy or join a class
  • Try this Mini Workout Goal.  Click here to see the workout
I did my workout this morning and now I feel inspired to write you, teach tonight, I have WAY more energy and my mood is up.  I want that for you.
Commit to improving your health by joining us and all of the amazing women at Fit4Females in our Stroller Fitness or Women’s Only Boot Camp ProgramsMy motto is “Fitness Solutions 4 Every Woman” but we can’t help you until you get started and take action baby!

If you want to start with mini step, try my 10 Day Lean and Clean Program.  


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Trina xo

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