Meal prep and shopping takes time and is a real struggle for us.  As a busy Mom of 3, I am sharing my Meal Prep, Shopping Tips and recipes to help make your life a little easier.  I’ve included 10 Breakfast of Champion Simple Ideas10 Meat Free Meal Ideas and a Pumpkin Smoothie to cut grocery costs.   If I don’t do meal prep, I end up eating out or buying a slice of pizza which adds a lot of cost for a family of five.

food-is-fuel-food-iconFour Meal Prep and Grocery Shopping Tips

What you bring in to your house directly affects your shape, weight and body image so choose wisely.  It starts on the list you make at home before you go.  Deciding ahead is most important.  Take time to plan meals to avoid poor food choices and a sugar crash.

Tip #1 Decide First and Create a List

  • Decide breakfast and dinners at least two days in advance *ideally 3-5 days
  • Here are 10 Breakfast of Champion Simple Ideas
  • Deciding ahead ensures you have all of the ingredients and your brain has one less decision to make
  • Create your grocery list based on your meal plan
  • Check out my 28 Day Shape Up Program complete with 67 recipes, meal plans and grocery lists


Tip #2 Reduce Meat Consumption

Tip #3 Load up on Veggies

  • Add a new veggie to your plate, try my Roasted Veggie Soup & lots of rainbow colours
  • Look for non GMO products and local as much as possible
  • Try to eat in season for veggies and fruits (not always easy)
  • Make a Taco night and have it on a lettuce wrap instead of tortillas
  • Choose produce that is pesticide free and look for 50% off bananas to freeze for smoothies
  • Unless you live in China or Mexico, avoid any produce from either country

Tip #4 Wash & Prep Produce

  • Wash as much produce in advance as possible *Do a head of lettuce and lots of veggies for grab & go
  • Soak veggies in baking soda and a bit of vinegar to reduce the critters
  • Store in glass clear containers, the pretty colours will grab your attention in the fridge

Real Time Shop & Meal Prep

I had to go dairy, egg and wheat free for a long time.  Here are some tips for you to help your journey.


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