I was stress eating last week and I’m not a stress eater.  Sunday I woke up feeling lazy, bloated and full of excuses so I started my 10 Day Lean and Clean.  I have included a workout and recipe for you below to get you started.  Weight gain happens slowly and the next thing you know your clothes fit tighter and you feel awful.  It’s no big deal at first when you miss a few workouts.  But then, add on a few socials here and there, some wine or alcohol, dessert, chocolate, chips and dinners out and eventually it adds up.  Below are my best tips to battle stress eating and take action.

lose-weight-mindsetStress Eating and How to Beat it

When stress hits, it creates a feeling and emotions like anger, sadness, shame, fear, disgust and then some.  That emotion creates a reaction.  You cannot control how you feel but you can control how you react.  Stop and breathe and break your bad habits.  Here are a few things to do before you react with your “bad habit thing” (apparently mine last week was pizza and chips):


Notice your feelings, emotions & triggers and then choose to behave differently

Write down how you are feeling and the foods are reaching for

Tame your reaction, it’s not possible 100% of the time but imagine if you did 8 out of 10?

Go for a walk to replace stress eating

Use your non dominant hand to eat (it’s so annoying unless you are ambidextrous like me)

Do 20 squats or burpees

Acknowledge your feelings instead of eating them

Visualize success and your perfect reaction to it.  What does it look like?

Ask yourself how you want to react then count from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and react that way

motivation10 Days Kickstart for Workouts, Fitness and Wellness

As a Trainer, Coach and Mom of three, it is important to feel healthy so that I can inspire my family and you.  I had lots of excuses because I was busy and made bad food choices this week because of stress and bad planning.  I’m giving myself a kickstart and three daily mini goals.  If you want accountability, take a look at my 10 Day Lean and Clean.



routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationWorkout Tidbit – 8 minute HIIT Workout

Regular workouts and meal planning are important to avoid weight gain.  I created an 8 minute HIIT Leg and Glute Workout for you so that you can get it done and feel great.  I have a few other workouts that you might want to check out too.  Circuit 55 Rep HIIT Fitness Challenge Video and for those stubborn abs try my 5 minute ABS & Body Weight Fab 5 Workout.



Nutrition Tidbit:  Immune Boosting Latté

This Immune Boosting Latté is caffeine free and helps reduce your calories and cut back on coffee, tea and pop.  Healthy, easy to make and tasty.   Click here for the recipe.  You might want to add my Lemon Detox Water first thing in the morning and then the Immune Boosting Latté during the day or night.


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