Immune Boosting is important for health and weight loss.  Trina’s Transformations Tidbits included my favourite Daily Immune Boosting Latte without the caffeine.  Move over Starbucks, I’m sharing my favourite at home immune boosting latte that is easy on the waist line and will rev your metabolism.  You can save time and money by  making this latte at home.  I have even included a Video Recipe below.  Start your engines and drink as much as you like.

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Trina’s Immune Boosting Latte


  • 250-500ml Almond, Coconut or Hemp unsweetened milk
  • Several sprinkles of ground Turmeric
  • Lots of Cinnamon
  • Ground Ginger – slivered
  • A bit of Honey for taste *you can omit if you want


Heat on medium heat in a pot constantly stirring.  Serve when it’s at the right temperature.  Warning, this is YUMMY and healing!  This drink is also delicious served cold with ice.

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