Stress is not only killing you, it’s making you fat and it’s aging you.  It’s impossible to lose body fat when your life is filled with stress because your hormones are out of control and you increase your cortisol levels. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to let your hair down and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Nobody is perfect so why are we striving to be? It only exists when you change your thoughts and expectations.

Stress is Killing You

Trying to take on too much because we are afraid to say no! Taking care of everyone else and putting ourselves last! Making lunches, supper and feeding everyone else breakfast before us! Always saying “I will get to that workout, meal plan and a less stressed life tomorrow!” I don’t have time! I’m not good enough! I don’t deserve that! I don’t think so. Now is the time. Obesity, anxiety and depression are on the rise and it’s because we are not taking care of ourselves. Simple truth.

I’ve been there and I know first hand that is a life of total CHAOS. Save the stress for the times that it is necessary.   When my Dad got sick and died in 7 short weeks, he needed me at his side and that was a true chaotic emergency.

We should not be living our regular day to day life in chaos. Take the time to evaluate what standards you are trying to live up to. Here are some questions to help you evaluate and live a more relaxed life:

5 Questions to Live a More Relaxed Life

1. Is it you or others putting the pressure on?

2. Are you trying to do too much?

3. What can you let go of that really doesn’t matter?

4. What are the most important things if you only had 6 months to live? When you get those answers, live every day with those answers and the people on that list

5. Why are you striving for perfection?

Grab a pen and do a quick inventory dump of your answer.    Don’t just read this article, do something about it and start writing stuff down.  If you want to be motivated and inspired by us, take charge and make a commitment.  We are always here to help.  Check out our ProgramsSchedule and Pricing. Download my free kickstart guide.

It’s Time 4 YOU!

Break outside your comfort zone and try something new.  Try something new like:  asking your Boss for that promotion, or introducing yourself to that friendly face you keep seeing in your daily coffee line.  Do you need help getting your life together and don’t know where to start!  Psst ASK TRINA and get on the VIP list now!

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