Trina’s Tidbits of the week include Meal Ideas, ABS, Butts & Legs Workout, my Turkey Sausage Soup Recipe and inspiration from our Fit4Females Community.  Every Thursday, I deliver “Trina’s Transformation Tidbits” which is the best of my juicy Facebook and Instagram Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness tips.  Be sure to follow in the links below.


Workout of the Week: ABS, Butts & Legs 

I went from 6 workouts in a month to 6 last week despite being too busy with clients, classes, work and Mom stuff.   How? I scheduled time, told people for accountability and did it even though I was “too busy and tired“.  I’m sharing it all so that you can move with me. Add this workout to your calendar and make it happen.

Click here for the demo video workout



food-is-fuel-food-iconRecipe of the Week: Turkey Sausage Soup & Meal Ideas 

As a Mom of three, I need quick, easy and healthy.  I no longer cook from a box but it was a 15 year journey to get here.  Start small with this Healthy Turkey Sausage Soup

Bring it in a mason jar my daughter’s to avoid the drive-thru (Wendy’s was my go to before).  Let me know how you like it!

Meal Prep Ideas Healthy & Clean



Celebrating our Fit4Females Community

At Fit4Females, we remind you to take care of yourself because we often forget and out ourselves last. Join me in my Private Facebook Group or in classes.  To all of the incredible champs out there whether you:

  • Are a Foster
  • Step Mom
  • You birthed a child
  • Chose not to be a mother
  • Wanted to be a mother but aren’t
  • Surrogate Moms
  • Lost a little one
  • Adopted
  • You mother kids in your job when us parents aren’t around (THANK YOU!)
  • OR you Mother EVERYONE around you because you are a rockstar
    …and every other lady alive which are too many to mention


?Lots of love from me to you

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lose-weight-mindsetWellness of the Week

I am heavily Coaching you to control only what you can and surrender to the rest. Easier said than done but you will be happier.


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  1. Every Thursday, I deliver “Trina’s Transformation Tidbits” which is the best of my juicy Facebook and Instagram Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness tips. Click here to get on the list.
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