Walking saved me from depression and so many challenges.  Sounds ridiculous right? Except that it’s not.  Stop living in pain, fear, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start taking care of you.  If you can’t sign up for a class or get to the gym, that’s no excuse. You can walk in nature for free, take the stairs and to my free workouts.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die. Join me on a free 30 Day F4F Walking Challenge. Here’s my story of how walking saved my life and brought me out of heading into a depression.

How Walking Saved Me


I was fortunate to spend my day in a four+ hour medical assessment that I signed up for because of my long family history of cancer and early death of both of my parents.  I have 3 kids and I want to grow old with them and beat the odds.  My Mom died at 38 and my dad at 54. Death is inevitable, but your quality of life comes down to the choices you make.

Test after Test

My medical included an ultrasound of every organ, followed by blood tests, heart stress test, sit and reach, hearing test, eye exam, an internal “ladies” exam, breast exam, an evaluation of my stress and food journal, and meeting with a Dietician. It concluded with a final meeting with the top Doctor to discuss my long family history and genetics and how we can beat the odds when they are against us.

Let’s rewind, I spent an excruciating two years in very serious pain from a hip injury that was unavoidable.   I was on my way to depression. I have been an athlete since childhood and I could hardly walk let alone train like I wanted to. This injury brought me down a dark path. You know that path where you are not sure if you are coming out or not? I spent all of 2014 and 2015 finding my new path and rehabbing from this very difficult injury and surgery.

You can read my Painful Surgery Journey here.

Feeling hopeless, I had two choices:

  1. Feel sorry for myself because life sucked and was turned upside down
  2. Kick the crap out of this injury and rehab so I could inspire and motivate myself and others living in pain and depression.

Post Surgery

I chose option two.  Whether it’s physical or emotional pain from suffering or loss, I was going to be the poster girl to get myself and others moving. The pre-surgery Trina was a serious and competitive athlete lifting, running, boxing, karate, competing and so on. The injured and post surgery Trina was a depressed couch potato because pain and surgery debilitated my body and emotions.

Walking Saved my Life Emotionally, Physically and Mentally

Walking saved my life!  There was no walking pre-surgery because that was “boring”.  The simple act of being able to move gave me gratitude beyond what words can describe.  It took me an entire year to perfect my gait and walk again.  Take my story and let it inspire you.

Just because my grandfather had open heart surgery in his forties doesn’t mean I will or just because your Mom is overweight doesn’t mean you will be.  Much of your health is influenced by choices and lifestyles.

11 months post hip surgery op

Fast forward 11 months post op. During my stress test, I told my doctor that my fitness level was pretty bad due to my restricted movement post surgery (perspective – you can’t sit on a toilet, shave your legs or tie your shoes for almost 6 months post op – at least I couldn’t). Stress test started and I got to the last level. They couldn’t get my heart rate to max, it stayed steady at 99% and at that point, I was almost falling off the treadmill because of the steep incline. Stress test completed and I was living! It pays to live fit even when you can’t get in your “workouts” like you want.


What saved me?

As soon as I could, I spent every day walking, even through the brutally cold winter. Most days there was a lot of pain but that slowly diminished.  I also spent time daily meditaing and reflecting *pre-surgery I was “too busy” for this. Please join me.

Post Surgery

30 Day Walking Challenge

Your Rules :

  • Walk every day *there is no minimum distance, just walk
  • Check in with us either by either commenting below, on Facebook Page or on Instagram,   don’t forget to hashtag #Fit4Females
  • Tell us how long you walked, or the distance you walked and how you felt for the day
  • Find ways to de-stress daily, for example, meditate

I hope I have inspired you so that you can inspire someone else.

Trina Medves

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