If you lack motivation and are full of excuses, motivation is my specialty.  Even as a coach it happens to me, especially when I’m sore after a workout with DOMS!  I set four goals today, walk, grocery shop, get out my Trina’s Transformation Tidbits post and get in a workout.  It was almost impossible to fit due to my over scheduled day with clients, meetings and prepping for our 11 Year Anniversary for Charity.  It’s easy to make excuses when you are too busy to make time for fitness.  Stop, laser focus and gain some mental clarity to make it a priority.

Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationMotivation | How to get your Fitness Mojo Back

On May 23, 2014, I had Hip Surgery for a CAM impingement and labral tear.  I couldn’t walk, sit on a toilet, tie my shoes or do much of anything.  Mobility, workouts and walking became a priority.  Now that I have fully healed, it’s easy to be “too busy” to fit in workouts.

Before the surgery,  I was a Crossfit athlete, training for my black belt in karate, a weight lifter, runner and post surgery, my new workout was getting off the toilet, shaving my own legs and tying my own shoes before 12 months.

Try 6 full rounds of my Butts and Gut 10 minute workout here.  Just get moving!  Here’s my Tidbits to stay on track:

Motivation | Make Working Out a Priority 

  • Change from “I will try to have a workout” to “I’m going to have a workout” then make it happen
  • Find a trigger and attach it to your health *mine is my Hip Surgery
  • Get moving any way possible *stairs, walk or these workouts
  • Get your mindset right
  • When you are overwhelmed, force yourself to do it
  • Make goals happen by writing them down and following through
  • Write 3 things down that you will accomplish tomorrow to make you feel happy, healthy, fit and focused.  Schedule it and hashtag me with #Fit4Females for accountability
  • Download the 4 Things I do Every Day to Succeed 


motivationTwo Tips to Get Motivated for a Workout 

I was so sore from my Back and Butt workout that I didn’t want to workout.  Read this Should you workout when you are sore?
Motivation doesn’t always show up, especially when you are sore after a workout.  Discipline what makes you to do it.  Here are two tips to get your fitness mojo back:
  1. Change from your regular clothes into your workout clothes so that your brain can get you into the mindset *if you wear workout clothes all day like me, change into new ones
  2. Track everything with a reward system.  Keep a calendar and track your workouts.  The psychological component of marking it off or writing it down will help motivate and keep you disciplined.  It will make you feel like you are earning a gold start
Get dressed, warm up, foam roll and start your workout.  Check out the video to see my tracking device.

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Trina xo

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