Getting in regular workouts and weight loss is an issue for many of us.  You try to workout and eat right but you can’t seem to pull it together.  We start and stop or worse, you don’t start at all.  It happens to me even as a coach.  I’ve got great tips for you this week, a free workout and some motivation.   There is a summary below for a quickie read and videos if you prefer visuals.

Talking Two Tips for Weight Loss 

Don’t wait to “get started” and don’t feel like you have to “get in shape” before you sign up for a class.  The number one way you can lose weight is to just get started!

Tip #1:  Get Started

  • Start with anything don’t wait until Monday or tomorrow, move right now – 20 squats champ xo
  • Try this Free Butts & Guts Buster to get started
  • Take a walk, try one of my Free Workouts and put it in your calendar.   Just get started!   Endorphins will start to release and you will crave more of that feeling.
  • Tick off your workouts on a calendar or in a  journal.  It’s like a reward for yourself
  • Shift your mindset from being “skinny” or losing weight to being strong, fit and healthy

Tip #2:  Be Consistent

  • Once you get started, be consistent with workouts, meal planning, sleep and managing stress
  • Put your workouts in your calendar and check them off
  • Plan the next 3 days for dinner
  • Drink more water
  • Go to bed earlier
  • If you slack with your consistency, start back with tip #1 and get started again

Talk with Trina | Track Workouts

This is how I stay accountable with my workouts:
  • Get a calendar or paper and reward yourself with a check mark or sticker every time you have a workout
  • When you don’t want to workout, look at that chart and let it motivate you to add that check mark
  • Set workout goals for the week i.e.: how long, how many times
  • Set monthly goals:  I picked 3 goals for January which were simple: make my bed, get to bed earlier and make more coffee at home.  The simple act of writing it down made me accomplish them almost every day (I struggled with the earlier bed time)
It’s so gratifying and makes you feel accomplished when you write it down and check it off. Try it.

In Summary

  • Get started with this Free Butts & Guts Buster
  • Set 3 goals daily that will help move you forward
  • Get started, be consistent and track your workouts for success
  • Sign up for my Fit Insider so I can remind you weekly
  • Pick a mantra for the month to keep you on track and stick to it
  • Keep pen to paper tracking systems, this goes a long way for accountability

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