Here are five Trina’s Transformation Tidbits for less stress and mental clarity.  It’s been a big week with our Women’s Only Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness classes rocking, members setting goals and transformations happening.  Amber lost 10 pounds and 8 inches.  We would love to meet you in person for a free class or join my private Facebook Group hereIf you are struggling with getting workouts scheduled, I have tips below and all of these will help you take action towards creating a better you.  A lot of exciting things for you in this week’s Tidbits.

5 Tips for Mental Clarity | Trina’s Transformation Tidbits 

Less Stress & Mental Clarity Tips: 

  1. Dump your thoughts on a paper *daily dump list recommended
  2. Analyze & Identify Habits, emotions and triggers on your daily dump list
  3. Recognize the issue:  make another list of what you need to let go of so that you can move in a positive direction
  4. Take Action from the Dump List:  do you need to delegate?  Schedule workouts?  Stop with your old ways? Meal plan? More sleep?
  5. Get your mindset right and say goodbye to your evil twin that is dragging you down

Meet Amber | Lost 10 pounds and 8 inches

EPIC Transformation Husband and Wife! I love celebrating Member Success because big or small, it’s an amazing win taking care of your true self. Meet Amber! She attends our Women’s Only Boot Camp classes and joined our Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge to kick it up an notch.  She is an inspiration to say the least! This is what Amber has to say:


 The Fit4Females 28 Day Shape Up challenge has been amazing. Not only did I lose weight 10.4 pounds and 8 inches, I also feel amazing!

 This experience has opened my eyes to new way of cooking and eating for both me and my family.

 My husband also lost 9 pounds!

 I used to think that because we are a busy family that it meant I didn’t have the time to make healthy meals. Now I know with planning, organization and meal prep, it is possible!

 We are all well on our way to healthier versions of ourselves!

Fitness-Icon-tidbitsClasses are rocking | Come and join us!

Our Women’s Only Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness classes are rocking.  Try a free class.  We are setting goals, making transformations and most of all building friendships and empowering each other.  Don’t they look amazing?  Our classes run year round and you should come and see why we are Hamilton’s #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club!

Stroller Fitness | Stroller Circuit | Stroller CX+ Boot Camp 

Fitness-Icon-tidbitsHow to Get Workouts on Track

Sick and tired of your excuses?  Take action instead of playing the same movie over and over on replay.   Read my 4 Routine Tips  so you can put things aside that don’t need to get done and focus on what’s important.  Try this:

  1. Make a list of things you are grateful for
  2. Read and take action with these 4 Routine Tips 
  3. Focus ONLY on scheduling workouts and finding more time
  4. Download this 

Love message from me

When things get tough, keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Life will turn around when you get your mindset right.

Until next time, leave me some love comments below if any of this speaks to you 🙂

Trina xo

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