Should you be sore after a workout?  If you are not sore does that mean it wasn’t a good workout?  Does being sore mean it was effective? I was walking like a duck because I was so sore from this workout.  I was curious so I asked our Members on Fit4Females TV if they associate a good workout with being sore and if they liked it.  Soreness after a workout is called “DOMS” delayed onset of muscle soreness.  We asked our members and it was surprising what they said.  Check it out below.

Do you associate being sore with a good workout?

We did an Instagram and these are the results:

  • 58% of our members like being sore after a workout *these are the fitness crazies 🙂
  • 42% do not *this is TOTALLY ME

DOMS Tips | Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness 

Being sore makes me not want to workout again, I can’t stand it.  Here are a few tips for DOMS:

  • Being sore does not mean you had a “good workout “and vice versa if you are not sore
  • You might have pushed too hard, used muscles you haven’t worked in a while, maybe you didn’t rest, recover or refuel enough and workouts create tiny muscle tears in order to grow and improve the muscle
  • You shouldn’t be sore all of the time
  • Don’t get on a scale when you are sore after a workout because you will be retaining more water due to muscle inflammation
  • Foam roll, stretch and take an epsom salt bath to reduce the pain and lactic acid build up
  • Balance your workouts to ensure you are not over working certain body parts
  • If your legs are sore, skip your leg workout and work other muscles.  Don’t keep working sore muscles over and over again but keep moving

In Summary

  • Being sore after a workout does not mean you had a “good workout”, stay consistent
  • Balance your workouts for all body parts
  • Aim for strong, fit and healthy
  • Get started, be consistent and track your workouts for success
  • Pick a daily/monthly mantra to keep you on track
  • Keep pen to paper tracking systems, this goes a long way for accountability

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Thanks for reading!  Tell me, do you like being sore?

Trina Medves xo



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