Overweight and unhappy?  You are not broken I promise.  It’s because you are having a hard time accepting where you are right now. It’s not easy being honest with ourselves.  If you are overweight, lazy, unhappy at your job, stuck in a relationship you can’t stand, you need to accept it and make changes.  Even if you just have “a bit of weight to lose” or you “seem to start and never finish“, you need to hear this.  Watch the video, crush the quickie workout I created for you and enjoy the yummy salad.  You have to start small.

Overweight? Unhappy?  Do this

Tidbits at a Glance

#1 Trina’s Tidbits: You are not Broken despite your Imperfections
#2 Fitness: Legs, ABS & Upper Body 2 move Workout
#3 Food: Honey Mustard Dressing & Loaded Salad
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#1 Tidbits: You are not Broken despite your Imperfections

I had a sweaty workout and did an Instagram Live right after to share my “aha moment” with you.  We get stuck “where we are now and it makes us unhappy”. You think “I will be happy when I finally lose weight, get the job I want“.   Newsflash, you won’t, you have to be happy now.  If you are overweight, do something about it.

The guided meditation I did after my workout said “you are not broken, accept where you are right now“.  It was an “aha moment” for me with my medical condition.  We are so mean to ourselves and I would never talk to a friend how I talk to myself.  Stop saying I will be happy “when this or that happens“.

Accept it champ

  • You feel broken but you aren’t
  • Be exactly where you are right now and accept it, imperfections and all
  • Overweight?  Accept it!
  • Feeling lazy? Accept it!
  • Injured?  Accept it!
  • Stuck in a job you don’t like?  Accept it!
  • If you hate your body, accept it and speak nice to it and watch it cooperate
  • When I lose 15 pounds I will be happier – NOPE!
  • Decide to make changes to improve where you are

Accepting my Diagnosis

My doctor said “patients have a hard time accepting where they are with their diagnosis”.  My condition and diagnosis is HARD to accept, read my Brain Surgery Journey story here.  It pisses me off, makes me cry and frustrates me to the core.  However, I have to be exactly where I am and accept what “I’ve lost and focus on what I have left”.  Period.  Not easy, it takes work.


I can’t control:

  • My diagnosis
  • I don’t want to accept it
  • What will happen in the future

You don’t have to stay stuck with it.  Decide to accept it and say “this is where I’m at today“.  If you don’t like it, make a change if possible or do what you can to improve your situation.  For example, I can’t change my diagnosis, I have to accept and change my mindset about where I am with it. Sometimes the only person you can save is you and it starts with mindset.


I can control:

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • How I think

Fully accept where you are today.  Let go of the stress so you can finally lose the weight.  Do what you can to improve where you are right now.  It’s not easy but I know you can do it.  This was mind blowing for me.

routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivation#2 Legs, ABS & Upper Body 2 move Workout

I created this new two move workout for Legs, ABS & Upper Body. Use your own body weight or add a weighted ball or dumbbells. Let me know how you like it. Trina’s Tidbit: Six rounds of this makes your legs feel like a champ.  Working bigger muscle groups helps burns more calories while at rest.

Click here for the Full Workout 



banana-muffins-food-is-fuel-food-icon#3: Honey Mustard Loaded Salad Recipe

Honey mustard dressing is my favourite, it took less than 10 minutes to make and you can store it in a mason jar to add anytime to vegetables or meat.  Trina’s Tidbit: Dinner has been mostly on the road for us due to my kids activities.  Take out seems easy but I’m dedicated to travelling with my pre-prepped meals in my lunch bag and you can too.

Click here for the Recipe


Final Tidbit Recap: 

Which tidbit must you start doing most right now?  You don’t have to do it all, start small to create better habits.

xo Trina

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