Here are two tips to declutter your brain and stress to be successful with weight loss, balance your work, fitness and family commitments and to finally get out of your own way so that you can stop stressing out.  The first step is to declutter so that you can prioritize your health and fitness journey.  Before we start, it’s time for you to identify your addiction and behaviour.
Which Stress Category is You?
Q:  Work junkie?  Do you bury yourself in work?
Q:  Stress junkie?  Do you love running on adrenaline and the stress of just constantly being on the go?
Q:  Workout junkie?  Do you workout too much and need a break?
Q:  Couch junkie?  Should you move more?
Q:  Techy junkie addicted to your phone?  Need to shut down?

Declutter and Be Honest to Move Forward

These two tips will help you focus and remind you about the importance of your health, gratitude, weight loss, getting lean and getting your mind right.  Time to commit to you.  Write them down on a piece of paper with a pen.  Let’s try to follow this for seven days.

Tip #1 Clear the Clutter:

Whatever your addiction is we want to identify and create better habits.  Click here for a Video on  “How to Change Bad Habits“.  Tackle the “what’s” of your junkie habit.  Write down what triggers you to do the addictive behaviour.  Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers:

Q:  What is it that’s making you do that action step to your addictive behaviour?
Q:  What’s the trigger that makes you addicted to your behaviour?
Q:  What is the feeling you get when you do this behaviour?

Q:  What could you replace it with?

I’m a work junkie:   My triggers are “I feel successful, I know what it’s like to come from nothing so I over achieve”.  I would write down what is pushing me towards achieving so high so that I can set boundaries for myself.

Tip #2: Commit to your Wins and Challenges

Commit to changing the clutter story in your brain.  Whatever your excuses are we are going to recognize and create change.  We can do this by making a list every day of your wins and challenges.

WINS:  What was amazing today?
CHALLENGES:  What did you do that was a challenge?
What can you do tomorrow to avoid triggers that are causing your addition?

Commit to Shutting Down

Set a daily boundary and commit to shutting down from what you are addicted to.  Example:  if you are addicted to your phone, commit to shutting down and set time limits.  If you sit around too much and you don’t get enough physical activity, commit to being more active daily.  Start small.  There are tons of free workouts on my website here.

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