First of all, let’s give the cow a break with my Dairy Free Smoothie Recipe Guide (includes 5 smoothie recipes).  Second of all, click here to download the dairy free Recipe Guide.  I’m not a vegetarian but I do believe in eating less meat and dairy for optimal health.  Smoothies are a popular go-to breakfast choice and post workout snack for so many but they can pack on a lot of sugar and extra calories if you are not smart about the ingredients.

Dairy Free “Give the Cow a Break”

I grew up drinking cow’s milk my entire life.  In 2011, I came back from the canfitpro World Fitness Expo and told my husband we were giving up cow’s milk completely.  I had listened to a speaker educating me on the effects and research evidence of dairy.  As well as the evidence I heard, I always suspected I had an intolerance but the diagnosis didn’t come until 2016.

Rather than giving it up completely, try replacing cows milk and cheese with goat’s cheese as it is easier to digest.  As a result of cutting it out, I felt amazing, I had clearer skin, significantly less bloating, I got leaner, less upset stomach and my joints didn’t hurt.

Five Give the Cow a Break Smoothie Recipes

Here are your 5 Smoothie recipes created by me.  Try these smoothies for the week.


Trainer Tip:  Don’t Just Drink your Calories

When you wake in the morning, it’s very important to break the fast by stimulating your digestive system with chewing.  Smoothies are a great choice but save a few berries or nuts for the side because the simple act of chewing will get your digestive track revving.  You can make any of these recipes into a smoothie bowl instead.

Protein Powder Servings

Each protein powder is different and my rule is get your protein from the most natural sources first.  I keep my protein powder servings to 20 grams or so.  You could cut the protein scoop in half depending on the type of powder.  There will be other natural ingredients in these smoothies that have protein in them naturally.  My personal choice is always vegan protein powder.

Can a Protein Smoothie be Used as a Snack?

Yes.  Depending on your activity and caloric needs you could have a half or whole portion of a protein shake as one of your snacks.

Protein Powder – 4 Things to Avoid

Here is a quick cheat sheet.  You can read more here: Protein the Good the Bad and the Ugly

  • Additives (ex. maltodextrin, most commonly derived from GMO corn)
  • Artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, etc.)
  • Soy (more on that below)
  • Sugar Alcohols for example Xylitol: is becoming especially popular as the go-to non-calorie “natural” sweetener, however, xylitol, like many other sugar alcohols, can cause gas, bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort for many people, myself included!

What is a Good Protein Powder 

In conclusion, always choose natural sources of protein first (i.e.: pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin powder, chia, etc.).  I prefer vegan plant based protein powder with NO additives.  You can read more here: Protein the Good the Bad and the Ugly

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